As a lifetime seeker of all-things success, I’ve lived most of my life worshipping at the alter of the world’s greatest performers. I’ve written 12 books that focus on the subject of success or heavily allude to it. Now, after 30 years of chasing my dreams, combined with a 5-week, nearly fatal batttle with Covid-19, I’m reevaluating my philosophy. The word that strikes me hardest is empathy, and if I have exhibited it enough over the course of my life. I used to think so. Now I’m not so sure. Empathy is a life-changing behavior. Watch this video and see if you agree with how this concept has evolved in my mind over the years. I’d love to hear your comments on this important subject. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Empathy”

  1. Hello there

    I am very appreciative of you coming forth in this video.

    As I have journeyed on my path, since I attended your course somewhere around 2014, I have found myself pulling away from your work and several times thinking I need to unsubscribe, but within, I knew there was going to be a change. It’s in the moments of stillness, that we allow the soul’s voice to become louder than the ego’s, and that’s where the magic happens.

    One of our lessons on earth(move the h to the beginning of earth and what do you have?) is our connection to people through emotions, and one of the top emotions to do that with is empathy. I can only think of one greater and that is love.
    We come here to continue our souls journey, which in some cases may look like a disadvantage to others but in fact is important to our growth. No two soul journeys are the same. When I see someone who is at a disadvantage, I wonder what they are here to learn this time. As humans we need three things, love, safety and belonging. Everything else is a bonus.

    We are in a world transforming from 3D to 5D and higher,I look forward to your continued metamorphosis.

    You’re a good man Steve Siebold, evident by the fine woman by your side, may your message inspire others to join the elevation.


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