On a recent speaking tour in Europe, I was interviewed on the BBC five times in one week. Some of my comments regarding Prime Minister Gordon Brown ended up on the front page of the Daily Mirror Newspaper. The British press was wild, but fair. This short video post, taped outside the All England Tennis Club in London, is about identifying your world-class dream. Please share your world-class dream with the Mental Toughness Blog Community after you watch this post.   Steve Siebold

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

7 thoughts on “Siebold’s European Speaking Tour”

  1. So true! World Class wealth begins with world class thinking!!
    My ultimate vision is to build an entertainment empire!
    I want to travel the world again performing, I visualize having an entertainment production show and we are hired to perform everywhere! We will be so busy that we will have to either turn down work or expand the show into separate conglomerates!!
    I visualize myself working in f ilm, tv and music videos as a respected choreographer, I visualize myself when I am retired as a dancer to direct music videos.
    I visualize my workshops to grow in such huge numbers I will have to rent bigger halls!
    I visualize millions of people drawing themselves to my website to buy my products!
    I visualize being financially independent. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow I would still dance more than ever because it was what I was born to do!
    I visualize having an endless stream of creative activity, creative thoughts, creative dreams, creation to continue running through my blood.

  2. I have an acurate visual idea of how I want to look physically and am have been at or very close to it for a good number of years. Now I am putting more emphasis on endurance visualization. The scale and mirror are good gauges. But other peoples eyes micro-second expresion seems to help encourage and keep the dirve for excellence stoked.
    Regardless we all know in our inner most parts when we are actually achiving our set goals.

  3. Question for anyone: why do topics like this one which are about personal goals, dreams and visions – the things we can actually determine, take control of and do something about and put to practice mental toughness in achieving them – get so few replies while hot topics about things we individually can do little about get so many replies?



    1. Mike,
      Good point. Three times as many people are watching the non-controversial posts, but they rarely comment.

  4. Shirley and I joined a company fourteen years ago when we were both still teachers and today have a vision for being major forces in taking our company from a $100 million dollars a year in sales company to a much larger one branded globally.

    Along with that is making a positive difference by being an example of inspired energy, good health and joy in living and longevity for decades.

    Other than that, everything you said, Steve.


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