This is one of the most important wealth and success building secrets of the world class. Watch this short video I shot in Portland, Oregon and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

18 thoughts on “Mental Toughness Secret #159”

  1. Steve (and his wife, Dawn) are certainly great mentors for us and a huge positive presence in our lives. We started working with Steve to help Bryan enhance his public speaking skills, but what we’ve gotten from the relationship is so much more! While I consider us to be pretty business-savvy, Steve has challenged us in ways we never could have imagined (you don’t know what you don’t know). I only hope that we have the opportunity to repay his generosity one of these days.

    Bryan is not normally quite so rigid (I’ll admit, we’re still a little star-struck around Steve – I’m always amazed he’s willing to share so much of his time with us – I know he has better things to do with his time!). If anyone wants to check out Bryan’s video blog, please visit We’re certainly always open to feedback there as well.


  2. Three major reasons (in my opinion) why more people don’t seek/have mentors:

    1) Fear – “Why would anyone want to help me?”

    2) Ego – “I don’t need a mentor – I can do this on my own.” Having a mentor requires that you set your ego aside, be humble, and learn.

    3) Lack of Trust – this could be a subset of either of the above. A friend of mine gave me this quote:

    “When you find a teacher you trust, you have to trust the teacher.” The word “mentor” applies here as well.

    Thanks, Steve & Bryan!


  3. A mentor has an alternate point of view, which many times covers the blind spot in a persons life. with a trusted mentor you can rest assured that you are receiving the required information that you could not have witnessed yourself with your current position. Thanks STEVE!!!!!!

  4. I have not met a successful person yet who has never had a mentor. It’s part of the process. It speeds up the rate at which you learn. It simply would take too long to discover everything on your own. Mentors are a necessity in order to reach the level of the world class. Thanks for being one of my mentors, Steve.

  5. Would like to see you send out daily emails about the 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class. Each day featuring a different one, similar to the one in this blog about #159. Repetition and being reminded is, as you know, what learning is all about. Bob Proctor is an example, he sends out a message out every morning via email.

    Thanks for your consideration of this.


  6. Steve,
    Everything you are saying in this video about having mentors is so true. Mentors play vital role in our lives and I consider you as my mentor in my public speaking career. Thank you for the wonderful video!!!!!!!!!

  7. Spending the time and money to learn the lessons yourself….priceless.

    However….lets be practical…

    The value of having multiple mentors….is a life. You do not have the time or the money to learn it all from your own personal experience.

    Go get a mentor.

  8. Hi Steve! I am just now beginning to understand mentoring and how it works to improve my life. Thank you for your wonderful videos. Happy holidays.


  9. For the guy on the right. I wonder why you have vocal fry if you’ve been coached. And absolutely no intonation.

    1. Luke,
      Intonation has nothing to do with being a professional speaker. Bryan Burke’s magic onstage is his overwhelming sincerity, honesty and integrity. He’s one of the most genuine speakers you will ever experience.

  10. “Get a mentor, be a mentor.”

    Mentor is more than a town in NE Ohio.

    It is an adviser, master, and guide. Someone
    who is trusted and has been where you want to
    go and be. Thanks for sharing Secret #159. It will help
    to quicken and shorten the path to success and
    accomplishment. Thanks Steve and Bryan.

  11. Thank you Steve, you are very much appreciated. Yes, leaders are mentors.
    We must study, and respect them, fore they are few. We all want to be honored
    by helping others, hopefully. Lets leave some good things behind for others.

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