If you’re in sales, recruiting or any other business that requires building and maintaining a large, warm prospect list, watch this video. Many years ago my partners and I created a system that guarantees that you’ll never have to worry about whom to call or prospect next. I’ll be conducting a LIVE seminar teaching this system on October 20, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Watch this short video, and to learn more about the LIVE seminar, visit www.mtudenver.com

Video Transcript:

This is Steve Siebold back with mentaltoughnessblog.com. This post is really for people who are building a business either in sales, or recruiting, or any business that you need prospect, you need to maintain a large prospect list, sort of a never-ending list of prospects. Really of all the businesses I’ve built over the years, over the last 30-plus years I’ve always needed a warm prospect list. Many years ago I developed a system of creating warm contacts. It’s an affinity-based marketing system that I’ve spoken about it all over the world actually, over the years.

I haven’t spoken about it in about 20 years. I did one program up in Edmonton, Canada earlier this year. Before that I hadn’t spoken about this in 20 years, and it’s the thing that allowed us to build our companies into multimillion dollar companies, quite frankly. It’s a way that you can build warm contacts. It’s not a cold contact list. If you’re cold calling, if you ever cold called you know that’s a tough way to make a living. I’ve done that. It’s very inefficient. It does work to some degree but it’s very inefficient.

We developed this system years ago that’s allowed us to keep thousands, and thousands, and thousands of warm contacts on our prospect list to feed to our sales people around the world that we’ve worked with around the world, in about 10 countries around the world. If you’re someone who’s in recruiting or sales, I’m presenting this program for the first time in the United States in 20 years. I did the last one, I think, in 1999. I guess that’s 19 years ago technically.

I’m going to be doing it one time in Denver, Colorado on Saturday October 20th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We’re going to have a group up there in Denver, and I’m going to lay out step-by-step exactly how to build an endless list, basically an endless list of thousands of people that you’re actually connected to. It’s almost like a genealogy type of thing where you have all these people in your family, the cousins and nephews and aunts and uncles, and people that are connected to you, except all these people are actually alive.

You’re connected to them through different areas and aspects of your life. I’ll show you exactly how to farm these different affinity groups. Usually when I did it in the 90s, people said, “I’ve never heard of anything like that. I’ve never heard of anything like that.” When I did one earlier this year in Edmonton people said, “I’ve never heard that in my entire time I’ve been in business,” and some of them have been in business 30-plus years like I have.

It’s just a unique system we developed that we have literally made, I mean, frankly, tens of millions of dollars on over the years, on this one little system. In Denver, if you can be in Denver on October 20th, I promise you this is a game changer. It’s a total game changer. You’ll never have to make a cold call again. It’s all warm calls. It’s all people you’re connected to in some way, shape, or form. Think of it as calling a distant cousin.

I’ll give you an example, I ran into a guy in Atlanta the other day, like three weeks ago actually, and the guy heard me say my name. I was at a sub shop, a sub sandwich shop in Atlanta on my way to give a speech. The guy said, “Are you Steve Siebold?” I said, “Yes.” I had said my name to the guy. I was picking up a bunch of sandwiches and on my way to the speech.

I said, “Yes.” He was a relative. I forget his first name. He’s a relative of mine. We don’t know how he’s a relative, but we know he’s a relative. I haven’t talked to him on the phone yet because I’ve been on the road. What do you think the chances are of him taking my call? Because we don’t know how we’re connected. We tried to figure it out in five minutes but we couldn’t do it. I said, “Hey, I’ll call you. I’ll email you. I’ll text you. Call me.” Whatever. We went back and forth. We haven’t done it yet.

When I call him, will he take my call, even though we don’t know how we’re related? We know we’re related. There’s not that many Siebolds in the country, so usually we’re all related. He knows that and I know that. We’re probably related. What’s the chances of him not taking my call? That’s the type of list I’m going to teach you how to build. They’re not necessarily related to you but they’re related to you somehow. I can’t go into the details. It’s too much. It takes hours to do this.

I’m going to lay it out in Denver. We normally charge $300 for the seminar. We always charged that back in the 90s even. We’re doing this seminar for $99. Here’s the reason why, I’m going to be in Denver for a wedding, outside of Denver actually the next day. I told some of the people, my business contacts in Denver, “Look, I’m going to be there. I’m going to do this with a small group of people, and I’m going to show you step-by-step. Then I’m going to give you the exact words to use in a script word for word.”

The script you use is key, is so critical. Every single word is going to be laid out for you. Then I’m going to tell you exactly how you say it on the phone when you call people, text people, or email people, or message people. It’s really important. All this is very important because the connection is there, but it’s not a connection like it’s your best friend or your brother or sister. It’s a connection. It’s a good connection, but it’s still an extended connection.

Anyway, I promise you it’s a total game changer. 99 bucks, we’ve never done that before in this program. Come to Denver if you possibly can. I don’t care if you have to fly in from wherever, and I rarely say that to people. I say, “Hey, attend seminars where it doesn’t cost you so much.” Fly in from wherever you have to. If you need a list of endless people that you never want to to call unwarm, this could literally be worth millions of dollars to you, I mean literally. It’s that good. It really is that good of a system.

I’ll lay it out for you in Denver. Hope to see you there. I’m going to put the link on the bottom of this post. Click on the link and there’s a video, about a three or four minute video that’ll give you more information about the system and then you can sign up if you want to for the Denver program. I’ll look forward to seeing you in Denver on October 20th. Thanks for watching the blog. Take care.

Steve Siebold
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