Have you ever experienced world-class coaching? In other words, being coached by someone who has coached professional athletes, Olympic athletes and multi-billion dollar corporations that literally generated world-class results? I’ve had that experience, and it changed my life. The only downside is that world-class coaching is NOT for the faint of heart. It hits hard and never lets up, which is why it works. In July 2020, for the first time in over 25 years, I’ll be offering our Mental Toughness University Coaching Program to the general public, specifically for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches. This group coaching program will be limited to a small group in order to ensure each students success. Watch this video for more information.

Dawn Andrews

11 thoughts on “World-Class Coaching”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    What is the duration of the program?

    I want to join this program.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Is it still possible to participate in this course with the time difference of being in Australia?



    1. Yes, Shannon. There will be students from all over the world. More details to come shortly.
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. Thanks, Kimberly! It’s going to be the most comprehensive
    mental toughness coaching program we’ve ever delivered.

  4. Awesome! I would like to know more about the program. Thank you for doing this!

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