The Problem with Personal Development

I’ve been an author, speaker and consultant in the personal development space for 23-years. I’ve delivered thousands of speeches in 10 countries, sold a million and a half books and have been featured on every major TV network in the western world. I honestly believe in the majority of messages offered by the thought leaders in this industry, and in the interest of full disclosure, most of them are friends of mine. The problem is personal development has become so profitable that some authors and speakers are misleading people through wild claims of get rich quick and instant success. From the

#1 Belief to Thrive Through Chaos

During this unprecedented time of chaos and uncertainty, top performers seem to have a single belief they use to survive and thrive. Most of them I’ve interviewed said they programmed this belief into their minds as a success strategy to mitigate fear. This basic belief kept them moving forward as their competitors shrank back. Watch this short video for more details and program yourself with this bullet-proof belief.

Hang Tough…The Tide Will Turn

2020 has been an international nightmare, and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight. In mental toughness training, we have lots of tools to enhance performance, but sometimes a situation is so grave that we turn our attention to pure survival. Experts say that depression sets in when a person is unable to construct a viable future. Obviously, the gross uncertainty we’re facing on a global scale has driven millions into depression. And while there’s no easy way out, my suggestion to those who are suffering is to just hang on. The tide will turn. The sun will rise again

Tough Enough for 24 Months of COVID-19?

The politicians want to wish it away. The clergy wants to pray it away. Parents want their kids back in school. Business owners want to reopen and save their businesses, and the list goes on. Everyone is sick and tired of this virus thats taken over the world. Conspiracy theories abound, but the here’s the bottom line: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. In mental toughness, we deal in objective reality, no politics, fantasy or wishful thinking. The only conclusion that can be reached based on months of observation and the opinions of scientists is that we are in for a couple of

Last Chance For Founding Member Status of Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches

3-days ago we opened our Founding Member status for the 2020 launch of Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches, and as expected, the response has been strong. This is the same process that helped companies increase sales over the past 23-years by $1.2 billion dollars, making it the most successful psychological training program in corporate America from 1997-2020. We’re expecting the same level results for our entrepreneur and success coach members. There’s a still a few hours remaining to lock in your spot, as we will close membership at 12 midnight PST tonight. (July 2, 2020) Founding members will

FREE Mental Toughness Training Webinar Kicks off Coaching Program

Open enrollment for Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches runs today through Thursday, July 2, 2020, and will kick off with a 30-minute webinar outlining 7-Steps to Mental Toughness.” You’ll receive a FREE $30.00 gift just for watching the webinar, and you’ll also have the one-time opportunity to become a Founding Member. (20% Lifetime Discount) Watch this short video and click on the link to watch the webinar. To become a Founding Member immediately, visit

Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches Opens June 29-July 2, 2020

Accelerate the speed of your success as an entrepreneur or success coach through our Mental Toughness University Coaching Program. If you’re an entrepreneur or success coach in the fight of your life to build a business, I have a new coaching program that will accelerate the speed of your success.  As a full-time entrepreneur for over 30 years, I’ve built 4 multi-million dollar businesses and employed over 500 people. I’ve also endured my share of failures along the way. Like most entrepreneurs, you might say I failed my way to success.  What I’ve discovered over my 30-year entrepreneurial odyssey is that

My Self-Made Millionaires Article on CNBC

My latest article on the mindset of self-made millionaires on CNBC’s Grow Acorn website. Most of the 1,300 millionaires and billionaires I’ve interviewed over the past 36 years were entrepreneurs that built empires. Later this week I’ll be launching our new coaching program for entrepreneurs and success coaches, the curriculum of which has been built primarily from what I’ve learned from these business giants. This article will give you a hint of some of the things I’ll be coaching.

Entrepreneurs: Expect the Fight

The rough and tumble world of entrepreneurism is not for the faint of heart, its filled with obstacles, challenges and set-backs. It also gives you the opportunity to live your dream. After 30+ years of building businesses, I recommend that you expect a fight with each new venture. And if its your first time around the entrepreneurial track, brace yourself for physical and emotional impact. This is why mental toughness is the one skill you must have to make it. All things being equal, your level of mental toughness will be what makes or breaks you. Watch this short video (6

World-Class Coaching

Have you ever experienced world-class coaching? In other words, being coached by someone who has coached professional athletes, Olympic athletes and multi-billion dollar corporations that literally generated world-class results? I’ve had that experience, and it changed my life. The only downside is that world-class coaching is NOT for the faint of heart. It hits hard and never lets up, which is why it works. In July 2020, for the first time in over 25 years, I’ll be offering our Mental Toughness University Coaching Program to the general public, specifically for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches. This group coaching program will be limited