I had an opportunity to see Eddie Van Halen last night in Fort Lauderdale, and I walked away with a mental toughness secret we should all be reminded of. Consider this lesson through the eyes of objective reality and see if you pass the test. keep in mind as you listen to this post that delusional thinking is the enemy of world class success. ( 5: 25 )

Steve Siebold
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2 thoughts on “The Mental Toughness lesson Eddie Van Halen taught me last night”

  1. I am new to the Mental Toughness mentality. I have broken the spine on the 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, with huge impact. I believe. In my mind Van Halen’s practice and dedication to his craft is his gifted ability to focus on his passion. Which is were my comment comes from. I believe he isn’t focused on his own greatness while he practices or performs, or he might be. If he feels like banging the guitar on the floor to experiment or use a drum stick while he creates new sounds, he has the ability to think out-side his box and continue to adapt his ideals for good music. Can a person do this without trust in themselves or without thought of criticism in everyday practice? I don’t think that people could do what it is they want to if that were the case. I have heard the statement not to buy into the upper class creating fear, and what I got from this is to step out side the box and continue to do whatever it is that the gut says, as long as it has the knowledge and focus to go after the goals that are set. My hope in this belief is that if ambition exceeds talent, greatness is found in the pursuit. Thanks for the gift.

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