One of the most significant mental toughness lessons I ever learned was how to manage ego versus spirit based thinking in day to day activities. This distinction seperates the world class from the upper class. Would the poster boy of the upper class, billioniare Donald Trump, actually be more successful operating from a spirit-based consciousness? How about you? Do you operate primarily from ego or spirit? Is ego ever the right choice? Can’t wait to read your comments on this one! ( 4:44 )  Websites referenced in this post: 

Steve Siebold
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8 thoughts on “Ego, Spirit and Donald Trump”

  1. I totally agree with David. We live in an EGO dominated world; a world that God is not involved in because He cannot be a part of negativity. We left the world of love God created for a world of judgment, condemnation, greed, fear, guilt, etc. which is the ego world. This is the reason for the turbulence in the world and our lives. We chose this out of our free will and God will never be involved in what he did not create. When we suffer enough and this world no longer serves us, we will re-choose our path back to love, peace and joy. It’s always our choice.

    Whatever comes from ego consciousness is not satisfying, fleeting, will die and decay. Your life become like an empty basket that can never be filled… you always want more and more and will get it at any cost…and still will not be satisfied because there will always be a void. So if you make your money or got your relationship through ego consciousness, it will be self serving and will soon fall by the way side and die. It also will not make you happy. Your relationships will not be happy and never long lasting either. This is the world Donald Trump and many of us have created for ourselves.

    On the other hand, when you make your money or get your relationships through cosmic (spirit) consciousness, they last forever because God is involved in it’s creation. The money and the relationships are achieved through love and the need to care for the other and the world as a whole… They are used in the service of humanity. Then more and more will come without toil because you are operating from the realm of abundance and infinite possibilities. Spirit will continue to open doors where you least expect it. These things will make you happy and others lives that are touched by them. You will enjoy total inner peace….a peace of God that passes all understanding.
    Blessings to all!

  2. the ego is the primary source of delinquence and destruction in human society … satan if you will, or the devil, or evil, whatever you want to call it, is based in the ego. without the ego life would be perfect. jesus did not operate out of the ego, or he would not have been the truth the way and the life. the ego is what separates us, and it is the thing that binds us … the spirit is the part that frees us, and the thing that brings us together. i was depressed for many years and the only thing that has brought me peace is the spirit. i hope i have the courage to learn from experience and give in to the process of life rather than try to fight it for my own selfish reasons.

  3. Whatever you, I, or the next person, thinks of Donald Trump, as if we have the need to do so, he is only an illusion called Persona. Like most of us, he is perhaps an illusion to himself. That is my spirit based thinking on the topic.

    We won’t find our life’s purpose from ego, or by studying the passing icons of our culture, whether it be Trump, a new rock star, or Mother Theresa. We will find it inside, if we are blessed with the right defining moments outside—those moments that effect us profoundly and that should be examined.

    Find the level of consciousness that honors both ego and spirit, and is forgiving, and we will do just fine.

  4. Ironically enough I was just thinking about this very thing a few days ago. Steve I would like to know how you have achieved this balance. I have been struggling a lot with this. It seems to be successful in a lot of ways you have to follow the ego, but yet, I want to live my life with a spirit-based consciousness – it’s like they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  5. When I think about operating from ego vs spirit, I can only look at myself and speak for myself. When I can get to a point of operating from spirit, there is no fear, there is no second guessing, there is a calm comfort that all is well, regardless of the turmoil that may surround me. If I am operating from ego (which is more often than not) I am really working, I have to think about and compensate for every factor, I second guess and third guess every decision and serenity is a forgotten echo of a possibility. I don’t worry about Mr Trump – he can take care of his own spirit/ego. A lot of the time I am operating from ego – but asleep, unaware. When I discover I am operating from ego and I am discontent with what I am doing, I have found I can meditate, read the Prayer of St Francis, or spend some time outside in nature to find my way back to spirit. I am far happier when I wake up and find the spirit.

  6. This is a really interesting topic and a coincidence for me as I was just thinking about Donald Trump and this exact subject yesterday. I am a relatively new student of both World Class Thinking and spirit-based consciousness having been drawn to both trying to redirect my life following a major trauma and series of surgeries in the last couple of years. I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose and then yesterday morning at work there is a magazine on my desk with Donald Trump on the cover. So how do you balance this? It almost seems like they are at opposites with each other. Like if you aspire to be a World Class Person you have to follow your ego, but if you aspire to spirit-based consciousness you have to completely let go of your ego. I would like to personally hear how you have found this balance. I am trying really hard to figure it out – or maybe my ego is trying really hard to figure it out. Thanks – I’ve really enjoyed your book -Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Valorie

  7. Living in the spirit of your energy source and passion derived from an interplay of creative elements always present and available cannot be totally tapped into and used when ego driven actions dominate behavior. Your point is the difference between freedom and captivity not only by degrees but in total. The best to you, Steve — Mike

  8. Steve,
    Idon’t think we can not guess or judge where Trump’s motivation comes from. Maybe he has us all fooled and it’s all an act to get us to look at our own behavior,but I doubt it. He sets a pretty bad example for people who don’t understand otherwise. Some people are of the mindset that success and greed go hand in hand and that wealth is somehow inherently bad. When you ask if he could be more successful if operating from a spirit based place the answers would depend our own definitions of success. Examples that are very visible,like Trump substanciate those thoughts.
    My personal opinion is of course it is really empty when it’s all wrapped around ego. Just my humble opinion!

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