I was speaking at a convention in Washington DC and had an opportunity to interview Mr. Vinton G. Cerf, the man Fortune Magazine called the “Father of the Internet”  This is another mental toughness lesson I’ll never forget. ( 5:04)

Steve Siebold
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2 thoughts on “My Interview with the Father of the Internet”

  1. Hi Steve – I know that energy you saw in Vinton – everything of significance we do has to be a result of enthusiasm born of absolute passion and being swept AND sustained by it. I’ve been a writer, an entertainer, a teacher, a director of plays, a lover of people with my own family coming first – today after eleven years with a company whose products gave my wife her life back and a vision of making a difference that captivated my attention – I’m as passionate as the day I began this adventure.

    What really makes me passionate every day, Steve, is that I wake up – and dream about it and think about it in the middle of the night – is learning. I am simply wired to be a life long lover of learning – I am the perpetual student.

    Learning to be better than I am, to find new interests I can be passionate about, learning what I can share with others and in that help people live better, feel better, do better – my passion is to make the coming decades of my life the best years of my life AND to have that same passion on the day I say good-bye.

    My passion is believing I can pass that flame of life onto others.

    Thank you for what you do!


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