I just returned from the crown jewell of the caribbean, St. Maarten, where I had an oppotunity to speak to world reknowned artist, Ruby Bute. As an art collector, I’ve admired her work for many years, but one of her painting’s made me think of all the people who approach me after my speeches with the same dream. This is a mental toughness secret many people over look, having no idea it’s one of the cornerstones of world-class success. ( 5:09 )

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts from My Interview with St. Maarten’s Most Famous Artist”

  1. Hey Al…
    If your vision is exciting and scary, you are definitely on the right track! I heard Bob Proctor say that in fact if your dream doesn’t scare you, then it ISN”T BIG ENOUGH!! You’ve got to grow and one way to be sure you are is if you are out of your comfort zone. All the best to you.

    Blessings, Be Well… Jwaz

  2. Steve,
    I set my date of August 31, 2007 on a cold day last February. I went into my boss’s office and simply said, I’m resigning my position effective August 31st. Now, I had been thinking about this for months but never did anything about it. I finally realized if I didn’t set the date, I would just keep putting it off and eventually abandon my dream. I’ve been living that dream for three months now. I’m still in startup mode and not making a dime, but the freedom I already feel is incredible. I can only imagine how much more free I will feel when the big bucks start rolling in!!
    We live in the freest country in the world but most of us slave away working for others. Our ancestors escaped to the new world and left indentured servitude behind. The last couple of generations we’ve given it new life with the vast majority of our citizens working for others.
    What you said Steve is absolutely the case. If you’re going to go for your dream, you have to set a date. Also, take some kind of action (in my case resigning my position) to make it firm, so there’s no turning back.


  3. Steve, I’m so glad you asked! Just this afternoon I made preliminary arrangements for the sale of my business and a smooth transition to the realization of my dream as a well paid professional speaker and consultant. My manifestation date is May, 2009. Selling my business will afford me the time I need to create this successful outcome. With your help through the Gove training and with hard work and a consistent focus, success is my only option!
    See you soon! Be Well… Jwaz

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