Thoughts from My Interview with St. Maarten’s Most Famous Artist

I just returned from the crown jewell of the caribbean, St. Maarten, where I had an oppotunity to speak to world reknowned artist, Ruby Bute. As an art collector, I’ve admired her work for many years, but one of her painting’s made me think of all the people who approach me after my speeches with the same dream. This is a mental toughness secret many people over look, having no idea it’s one of the cornerstones of world-class success. ( 5:09 )

My Interview with Howard Crosby

I caught up with world-class entrepreneur Howard Crosby in South America last week, and he offered some great advice on success. Mr. Crosby is the nephew of the great Bing Crosby, who entertained more people through his music than Elvis and the Beatles. As an entrepreneur in the mining industry, Howard Crosby believes in the mental toughness philosophy as a catalyst for success. This post describes two key factors of his success you can use immediately. I look forward to your comments.  ( 4:31 )