1. Bob Proctor, co-star of hit movie, The Secret,  said something onstage last week in Mexico I’ll never forget. The next day we were talking backstage in the green room about his speech, and he gave me some more unforgettable advice. You might have guessed that the topic was money, and I’m pretty sure some of you are going to be offended by this post. I heard Bob talk about this concept back in 1996, and honestly, I didn’t know what to think. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’ve come to agree with this philosophy 100%. If Mental Toughness is about anything, it’s about being open minded enough to consider the opinions of people getting world-class results in their chosen field. Bob Proctor’s been a good friend and mentor of mine for the last 12 years, and I can assure you he’s getting world-class results! It’s like I told the audience last week, Mr. Proctor is the real deal. And as my late business partner, Bill Gove, used to say; he’s one of the good guys!  So the gloves are coming off with this one. All comments, for or against, as always, are welcome. Mental toughness is about critical thinking, and I want to know what YOU think. ( 3:32 )
Steve Siebold
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  1. Breaking News!

    Bob Proctor and Douglas Vermeeren and The Opus… There’s a new movie coming promises to reveal a message that The Secret left out… That movie is The Lost Message. And it features both Bob Proctor and Douglas Vermeeren. ( You can find it online at http://www.TheLostMessage-movie.com) It focuses around an ancient message that was practiced by rulers and kings to build and maintain empires, but since then it has been lost. Only a few have even had a glimpse at this grand secret. It is a lost message but it will be reveal again in this upcoming movie.

  2. I happen to study Bob’s material in depth and he makes this remark in many different ways. What he is expressing is basic: To do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and do it how you feel like doing it is to truly control your life. In other words, you make your own rules.

    If you are not rich, someone else dictates when you come and go (more specifically when you can spend time with your family), and how much you $ make (more specifically what type of lifestyle you can give your family, what type of schools your children get educated in, what type of home you can afford).

    This means someone is controlling what you do when you can do it, and HOW ($) you can do it. YOU do not play by your own rules. You are an extra in your own movie; a character in your own book.

    Being rich is about being able to unleash all of your individual capacities for all the development you can attain. Unfortunately, this cannot be FULLY accomplished unless you are rich.

  3. There are many people who have plenty of time to do the things that they would like to do because they do not have a job or other form of income and rely on social security benefits. Unfortunately, these people cannot normally afford to do many of the things that they wish to do.

    Conversely, there are those people who have more than enough money to do the things that they wish to do but they are too engrossed in earning the money that they believe that they cannot afford to take the time off to enjoy what life has to offer.

    The ideal appears to be where a person has sufficient passive income to enable them to do whatever they wish, whenever they choose etc., or to have the skills to be able to generate income quickly by doing something that they love to do and then taking time off to enjoy the rewards.

  4. Thanks for the link to your blog Steve. I just got it today. I had the pleasure to meet you and Dawn and be in that audience to hear Bob Proctor’s comments first hand.
    If you HAVE TO “do an occasional car restoration” then, “he is in total control of his time” is a lie. When ALL of your needs are continuously met, while your total focus is on serving others and adding value to their lives you are wealthy beyond measure.
    Be Well, Jwaz

  5. In response to Kris Kramer’s comment:

    I love your description of your friend who visualizes so well that people give him stuff, that he is free to live his life on his terms because he chooses to, and yet he lives hand to mouth. Perhaps he is fine with that. Because it seems to me that if used his awesome visualization skills to visualize more money coming into his life that he could manifest it pretty quickly….perhaps he should experiment.

    And as Bob says, he will truly have his time and be more of what he is and does now, if he had more money. Having more money simple allows a person to become more of who they are by having more resources available to them. Not to mention, allows one to stop complaining about how some rich people spend their money, and be able to spend it on causes that are important to them.

    Bob is soon coming out with a book called: “It’s not about the money”. Should prove to be very interesting and help those who feel uncomfortable about the topic of money, and have old beliefs about being rich, move to a new paradigm.

    Krista Brailey

  6. Hi Steve,

    First – I agree with you and Bob Proctor. Second – I found Kris Kramer’s comments interesting. I’m a freelance copywriter so there’s a rough parallel to my profession and that of Kris’ friend.

    Although I haven’t achieved monetary riches yet (I’m on the path), taking the step of owning my own business has given me deeper insight into the belief I share with you and Bob. I certainly have more control over my time and my lifestyle now than I ever could as an employee.

    And as you know it takes dedication, vision, and effort to create wealth. Everyone needs to choose for themselves how far down this path they’re willing to go. And of course fulfillment doesn’t come solely from monetary wealth – absolutely not.

    So what’s my point? The further down the path we go to becoming wealthy (and for me, simultaneously doing what I truly enjoy in a variety of business endeavors), the more control and the more choices we’ll have over our lives.

    Kris’ friend has chosen to live hand-to-mouth; to earn enough money to play with gusto and then go and do it. That’s great. That’s his choice. He sounds happy and that’s what’s important. But in my opinion he doesn’t have an abundance of control over his life. He doesn’t have the control you and Bob are talking about. Oh, a small measure of it to be sure just as I do at this point.

    But even with the freedom of being my own boss, there are far too many aspects of my life I don’t yet have control over. Aspects I want to control and will only be able to do so as my wealth grows. That’s the choice I’ve made for myself. That’s what I’m working toward.

  7. Steve:

    No question this is true. As Bob said it’s about controlling your life —- Freedom! And so long as you are counting on someone else to provide you a paycheck, you are not free. My personal opinion is people who would protest such a statement actually believe it, but become defensive because they don’t believe they can achieve true freedom.

  8. It’s hard to get offended by the phrase “The rich make their own rules.” It depends on your perception of “Rich” And what it sounds like Bob Proctor was referring to was “Rich in time.” Having control over as much of your discretionary time as possible is the key to success and of course making your own rules. This is what Peter Drucker talks about in the Effective Executive. And don’t be fooled if you own your own business or if you are self employed because the moment you become a slave to that business and you no longer choose when you take breaks or how you schedule your day – you are no longer rich, no matter how much money you have.

  9. Steve,
    Well, I get the point, but I’m not sure I totally agree. Let me use an example. My best friend since grade school, is a freelance artist, but his art takes many forms: sculpture, metalsmithing, building barns, creative car restoration and photography to name a few He has not worked for a paycheck in 30 years. He has also been living hand to mouth for 30 years. He works when he wants to and he plays when he wants to. He is one of the greatest visualizers I’ve ever encountered. He can totally visualize building a barn or restoring a car and never use a single drawing or pickups a single technical manual. His visualization is so powerful, I would estimate he has been given nearly half of the materials he has ever needed for his projects. And, it’s because he is so incredibly enthusiastic in describing his visions to others!! They just end up giving him stuff. Things like tractors, building materials, cars, a house trailer, property and farm equipment. A lady even gave him an entire barn one time.

    He is in total control of his time. When he works, its work he wants to do and he plays at what he wants to play at. And, it’s not just cheap play. He’s toured Europe and goes on cruises every year. I’ve never known a happier person.

    Do I believe that people with money have the ability to better control how they spend their time. Yes. But, not all of them take advantage of it. There are aspects of any business that we do because we have to so we can get to doing the fun parts. Even my friend has to do an occasional car restoration for someone else so he get to the fun parts.

    So, I guess the short answer is yes, money makes it easier to control your time and do what you want to do when you want to do it, but it’s not a prerequisite.


    In my opinion, it’s all about

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