More lessons I learned on the Bob Proctor Cruise last week in Mexico. Doug Wead has been a friend of mine since 2001, when he asked Bill Gove and I to serve on the National Charity Awards Dinner Committee chaired by President Bush. Mr. Wead has been an advisor to U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Doug delivered a magnificent speech on the cruise and gave us a great lesson in Mental Toughness. ( 3:53 )

Steve Siebold
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11 thoughts on “Mental Toughness Lesson from an advisor to the President of the United States”

  1. I have my own online music marketing business and I try to motivate my students on mental toughness. I have them focus on what is going on at the moment. Do the best you can right now at what you are supposed to be doing. If it is not working you change it right now, you focus on the change. Thanks for this article.
    Les Wise

  2. I feel that Goliath is the obstacle and in a situation like that always look on the bright side and never on the dark side

  3. Its true those “Goliath’s” in our lives will always be there Steve.
    But what keeps me grounded is that the “Goliath” that’s is front
    of us at this time is just…a passing moment.
    This too shall pass.

    Kevin Horne

  4. Steve,
    I totally agree with the concept. I’m in the setup stage with my new business right now. It is so easy to get caught up in all the barriers and hurdles. I know when I get down, which happens peridically, if I look at the reasons, it’s always becuase I’ve been focusing on the “how to get there” and the “will the money hold out long enough” and not the dream and vision.


  5. Karen,

    Thanks for the business success story. I agree with you and Rich. It’s tough to focus on the dream when there are so many obstacles. But like your example, the rewards are worth it!

    Thanks for your comment, Karen.

    Steve Siebold

  6. Rich,

    I agree. Focusing on the Princess instead of Goliath can be difficult at times. I think the key is your belief in your ability to make it happen. I notice that when my belief is strong I rarely see the obstacles, but when my belief shaky all i can think about are the obstacles! I think the root of the issue is our beliefs. Thats why I’m glad you’re using the Making of a Million Dollar Mind CD set.

    Just as a side note, Rich, Doug Wead’s best line in this speech is when David asks, ” Is it true that the princess bathes in perfume?”

    Thanks for your comment, Rich.

    Steve Siebold

  7. I notice that when I simply reflect reality the way it is (see Goliath so to speak) I end up feeling a little tense or upset at times, depending on the situation. But when I focus on the way things can be, or they way I intend them to be (the Princess), I feel relieved and energized. Everything great in this world came about because a visionary saw beyond what the current reality was presenting.

  8. I was hired once to replace a woman who was starting her own business. During the interview process I asked her why she was leaving and she said she only wanted to work 5 hours per day. She did in fact start her business that became very successful. I’m sure she put in many more than 5 hours per day in the beginning and I’m sure there were times she asked herself “is it worth it”? As Rich Drake said, it can be difficult to do what has to be done sometimes. It took that woman 5 years to reach the 5 hours per day. She used her time and talent to develop a spin off business and sold the first for a whole lot of money. She now works about 1 week a month.

  9. Steve:

    Absolutely valid – absolutely critical to success. But, this is also one of the TOUGHEST things to do. It can be difficult to do the things that are necessary to reach a goal when Goliath is standing right in front of you, ready to whack you upside the head! I, personally, have been working on this lately. I try to compartmentalize – the problem exists, but I will work on it in order of priority. The first priorities are the tasks that help me reach my goals. Your Making of a Million Dollar Mind CD’s have been a help in this area. Thanks.

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