I just returned from a speaking engagement in Mexico with The Secrets Bob Proctor; Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Mark Victor Hansen; and White House Presidential advisor Doug Wead. Along with sharing some of the Mental Toughness Training Secrets, I challenged the audience to learn and use the million dollar skill most entrepreneurs and business people avoid. I even asked Mark Victor Hansen, who was sitting in the front row during my speech, if he could imagine building his Chicken Soup empire without this skill? Of course Mark nodded no. Nearly every multi-millioniare businessperson I’ve ever interviewed speaks with awe and reverence for this skill.¬†For futher research on this post, visit, www.speechworkshop.com (4:55)

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

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  1. I’ve just returned from the Oct 2008 cruise and I was so impressed with everything that you mentioned whilst on stage, the list of graduates – two of which I got my photo with – Bob Proctor & Mark Victor Hansen. When you were sharing your stories, esp. the Bjorn Borg experience this was incredible. Larry Wilsons also a former partner of Bill Gove, shared his fantastic experiences. The one I really enjoyed was the time Larry spent with Abraham Maslow. The poignant messages I took from all this was that you were learing from the best, stepping into growth and following your passion.

    So the way I looked at it, is this: ‘Success leaves a trail’ – if you want to be the best, then the wake up call I got was to study what the best have done or are doing and if its something you really want, then the rules are simple – follow that trail. I’ve secretly harboured ambitions to be a world-renowned, professional public speaker and whilst on the cruise I just had to book for one of the workshops.

    Many thanks for sharing so much and encouraging those around to learn from the best. For me that is what I’m now embarking upon, following my passion and stepping into growth.

  2. Steve, For me the most thought provoking point you made during your speech on the cruise was your question/comment about how many of us, the people we know and people in general, ever compare themselves to anyone outside their peer group. Your story about your experience with Bjorn Borg was an enlightening example. Until I heard you speak I never considered comparing myself to anyone who was “world class”.
    Many of my clients have given me compliments over the years and told me compared to the other “locals” who do what I do I was obviously “the best”. They’ve told me I’m an engaging speaker and I should consider speaking professionally. After listening to you and comparing myself to you and the other pros on the cruise I got up and immediately signed on for the Gove training. Thank you for challenging me and helping me see a new direction for my business and my life. See you in Orlando!
    Be Well… Jwaz

  3. All of the speakers on the cruise had radically different styles. Doug Wead leaned on the lectern; Mary Morrisey was sort of reserved; Mike Bentwith was flamboyant; Mark Victor Hansen used a lot of audience participation; you Steve, were straightforward; and Bob Proctor was Bob Proctor. Yet all of the speakers told stories to make their point. But probably the best story teller of all on that cruise was Wendy Soderman. If you ever want to see the value of stories, getting this number of high-end speakers together demonstrates it.

    Keep up the good work and maybe it will finally sink into my thick, left-brained skull.

    Thank you.

    Hugh Curley

    P.S. The photo came out great.

  4. Pat,

    Congratulations on signing on with Bob Proctor’s Science of Getting Rich and Coaching Program. You heard me say on stage what I think of Bob Proctor and these fabulous programs. I think you made a wise decision. I’ve worked with most of the big names in the personal development industry, and they don’t get any better than Mr. Proctor.

    My advice would be to not let yourself get overwhelmed. You’re entering an exciting new world, and I hope you will enjoy every step. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop has been around for 60 years, and I promise you we’ll be here when you’re ready. Developing Professional Public Speaking skills will be an important aspect of your business, but you don’t have to do it all at once.

    I’m glad you liked my speech in Mexico and that you are enjoying the mental toughness blog. I hope you will become a regular contributor and continue to share your thoughts and ideas on the posts as you evolve through the Bob Proctor programs.

    Congratulations again, Pat! I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts on the mental toughness ideas.

    Steve Siebold

  5. Lori,

    Thanks for your comments. It was great seeing you on the Bob Proctor Cruise. Thats what I love about the Bill Gove Speech Workshop System: It’s the real deal. In an industry that loves hype, this program is pure information minus the B.S. The practice part of the speaking equation is one of the aspects of the system that has propelled so many graduates to world-class success over the past 60 years. In a profession where so many people are making people believe being a professional speaker is easy, Bill Gove always gave everyone who attended his workshop the straight information. The first thing he asked me when I attended was; “Is there anyway I can talk you out of this?” He went on to say this is the hardest business he’d ever seen. Bob Proctor said the same thing to me a few years later.

    Bill Gove believed in telling the truth and giving his students a fighting chance to live their professional speaking dream. Bob Proctor followed the system, as did Mark Victor Hansen. So did I. Now it’s your turn. We need more female speaking stars in this business. Just remember this as you move forward:

    Follow the system.

    You can do it, Lori!

    Steve Siebold, CSP

  6. Steve…what a fantastic opportunity to see you and so many great speakers, mostly Bill Gove Speech Workshop graduates, on the cruise ship stage last week!

    As you know, I am a big believer in the Bill Gove system after completing the workshop in August. I believe your business model of speak/train/consult is exceptional and have overhauled my entire business plan in order to lead with my speaking.

    You talk in the workshop a lot about just how much work and practice goes into every speech that you give even after 10 years of professional speaking. And while I heard you on one level, it really sank in as I watched you practice and practice and practice last week in preparation for your presentations. You really walked the talk and it was so important for me to see that firsthand. I really understand all of the hard work ahead of me and am committed to making it happen!

    Thanks to you and to Dawn for your coaching and all of your support!


  7. Mace,

    I agree with you, and honestly, I did the exact same thing! When I attended the Bill Gove Speech Workshop in 1996, I thought I was a great speaker. The truth is I didn’t have a clue what I was doing up there. My experience up until that time consisted of being a speech major in college and attending Toastmasters meetings. Both good programs, but very different than what professional speakers get paid to do. I had to unlearn that training to break into the big leagues of paid professional speaking.

    The good news is that it was worth it! The training at the Bill Gove workshop was my roadmap to world class success as a speaker, as it has been for so many other professional speakers over the past 60 years.

    Thanks for your comment!
    Steve Siebold, CSP

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