For 26 years I’ve been interviewing some of the greatest performers in the world of business. Today I’m interviewing a 24-year old sales superstar who earned a 6-figure income his first year after graduating from college, in the middle of a recession! Watch this short video as Elliot Saltzman of St. Paul, Minnesota talks about the mental toughness it takes to earn a 6-figure income going door to door selling roofs.

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Steve Siebold
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12 thoughts on “Sales Superstar Reveals Secrets”

  1. I love that postive attiude.
    It is so true that persistence magnifies talent.
    Thanks for the great clip.

  2. Leo asks the target question. Maybe people have different answers that work for them.

    For me it’s knowing what I want to accomplish. I don’t know all the details day by day and what will come into that focus, but when the focus is on what I want to accomplish – my vision or why, my goal – and I act in any capacity toward it’s completion, that’s focus.

    Put you in that statement if you’re grappling with focus. You may have to work on what you want to accomplish because you don’t have a clear vision – then make that discovery your focus.

    Fear of loss is a great focusing tool. If you fear losing your physical edge you do something about it. If you fear getting older and being out of shape having low energy being sick and unable to live fully and freely you do something to stay fit.

    What pulls you back in the right direction if you lose focus is admitting that you’ve lost focus, reminding yourself what you want to accomplish and why, and every morning making it the first thing you think about as you start your day.

    Make focus a mental and physical habit – a discipline.


  3. I agree that focus is absolutely necessary. But how do we get focused? What pulls you back in the right direction if you loose focus?

  4. We all have the same 24 hours in a day or 1,440 minutes in a day and just as Elliot said you have to focus! We are so easily distracted and make excuses why we can’t focus, but the truth is we are not willing to make the right choices necessary to succeed.

  5. Fun post, Steve. Elliot’s an awesome guy. Rejection? “Not you,” he says. People say YES and NO to themselves – it’s an internal dialogue you’re not able to hear – what you get is an audio echo.

    Great new format for your blog, Steve.


  6. Steve,
    Great post. Elliot is right, the rejection is not about you, it is the process or system that is being rejected. They are also rejecting the notion of change.

    Asking lots of questions, LISTENING (the toughest thing mentally to do some times) and finding how our products/services actually add value to our prospective clients are ways I have been able to cut down on the rejection.

    I admire Elliot’s drive and work ethic. Great to see him having success!
    Thanks again, Steve.

  7. Steve,

    Here we go its all about stepping out side the box. And being the willing to step outside the box. The willing.


    Note: Thank you Steve Siebold for the ”177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class” our family reads one of the 177 everyday.

  8. Steve,

    First off it’s nice to see Elliot again. Please tell him I said hello! I totally get the point here. I have clients who tell me they just can’t seem to get anything together in their lives. They can’t make more money, or it’s too hard to make a change “in this economy”. Or they tell me they just don’t have the time.

    Then they tell me about how they’re going away to play “paintball” for the weekend, or about their 2-3 weekly softball games or how they’re following a few popular TV shows. I’ve gotten more done in the last 3 months than I have in the last 15 years. Kinda makes me wonder what the hell I was doing all that time?!?

    Best and Be Well,


  9. Been there and knocked doors long ago… In the roofing business it still works to a degree… but in general “Outbound-Interruption” Marketing is slightly old school. I generate leads for for 2 Roofing Co’s right now and it’s all done through an INBOUND MARKETING approach… people come to them as the authority in the market… so more time is spent selling versus physical walking and knocking.

    But hey – that guy at 22 to make over 100k – proves it works and he is excellent at it….awesome to see someone that age mature enough to get the “world class ideals” Drive(work ethic) and then receive the results many twice his age never will!

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