I just returned from another speaking tour around the country talking to audiences full of Fortune 500 sales teams during the day, while following the fear driven media coverage of the last 2 weeks events at night. I need mental toughness just to watch it! It seems that the ego driven upper class leaders are up to their favorite trick: attempting to manipulate the thinking of the masses through the use of their favorite weapon: FEAR. Whether it’s the church giving us 7 more deadly sins that will send us straight to hell or the barons of Wall Street driving the big board up and down by scaring investors, the psychological manipulation of the masses continues. The mental toughness message of this post is more of a plea than a message: REJECT the fear mongers and THINK for YOURSELF! I know I’m preaching to the choir based on the people who listen to this blog, but I still feel compelled to make the plea. World Class thinking is the mindset of love, abundance, and EMPOWERMENT! World class thinkers don’t need the ego driven upper class to tell us how to think or how to live. The latest example of the ego driven, hypocritical upper class is New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who called himself the Sheriff of Wall Street and attempted to dazzle street smart New Yorkers with overtones of intellectual, ethical and moral superiority for the last several years. If any politician ever used fear as a weapon, it was Eliot Spitzer. And like many upper class fear mongers, he eventually got caught doing something he put others in jail for doing. His hypocrisy is only exceeded by his arrogance, which is a hallmark of ego driven upper class thinkers. I could rant about this forever, but I’ll ask you to listen to the post instead and see what you think. As always, all feedback, pushback and any other comment is welcome.

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

9 thoughts on “How Ego Driven leaders in the Church, Washington, Wall Street and the Media Control and Manipulate the Masses”

  1. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article How Ego Driven leaders in the Church, Washington, Wall Street and the Media Control and Manipulate the Masses, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. Kevin,

    Thats what they make it soundlike. ( a Sin Department)

    The powers that be, whether it’s the Church of the Government, doesn’t seem to believe people can think for themselves. Do they really have to tell us polluting is a sin? But the real abuse of power is when they label these things as “Sin” and claim that God sees them as such. How do they know what God believes? Is ‘Do not pollute in the Bible?’

    I find this really insulting to our collective intelligence. They make things up, give them God’s endorsement, and we are supposed to blindly obey them like sheep… or burn in hell? Wityh all due respect, I think I’ll take my chances.

    Thanks for the comment, Kev. Hope the hair biz is treating you well in the fighting city of Philadelphia!

    All the best,

    Steve Siebold, CSP

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for expressing your opinion on this. You said I stepped over the line in regards to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright/Barack Obama situation. A few days ago I was ready to debate you on this, but after further reflection I think you’re right. Rev. Wright seems almost anti-American in these video clips, and we should know if Obama follows his thinking.

    Thanks for pushing me to think more about this, Mike. I’ll look forward to more of you thoughts and opinions on mental toughness and critical thinking.

    All the best,

    Steve Siebold, CSP

  4. Sandy,

    I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY aree with your idea of teaching critical thinking in the schools. I like your point that school teaches us ‘WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Middle-class beliefs are handed down from teacher to student, and parent to child. Imagine the potential kids would have if they understood the concept of critical thinking.

    Thanks for taking tome to comment, Sandy

    Steve Siebold, CSP

  5. “The Sin Department”…
    that was a good one Steve.
    It’s always good to hear you talk about
    “World Class Thinking.”
    We need more of it.

  6. Steve you are right on point. I only wish your message could be heard and understood by the masses. Thanks for taking the time to keep us in “critical thinking” as always. 😉

  7. You are so very right about fear but you stepped over the line with your comments about …… Barack and his anti white anti American pastor. Barack and his family and friends have been listening to this rederic for 20 years…Not real good for the mind set my friend, his yours or mine… Especially for a US president to be. Just think about it and this is not fear speaking either.

    Thanks for listening

  8. I loved the way you brought out the fact that the upper class egos control and manipulate the masses through fear. Of course, I’ve known this for a long time and I’m sure many others have, as well. Yet we still respond to it. Is it part of ‘human nature’? Even though an individual may know better, does he/she take fear-based actions or become upset when they see so many others responding similarly? It’s very hard to keep your ‘cool’ when everyone around you is losing theirs (reminds me of a certain poem).

    However, the use of fear to manipulate and cause a certain action or reaction is prevalent everywhere. One example is the use of fear in TV commercials. “If you don’t buy this product you will be ugly and have no friends and it means you don’t love your children/wife/husband.”

    But you are so right about the use of fear. The question is, how many of us are capable of thinking critically or have the fortitude to use our critical thinking so as not to get caught up in panic and take inappropriate actions or feel as if the world is coming to an end? Critical thinking must be taught and that’s the problem. In public school we are generally taught what to think and not how to think and analyze events. Critical thinking needs to be taught in schools starting at the age when children are capable of reasoning and of discerning the different results of different ways of thinking. They need to be taught to ‘see through’ the dissemination of false, controlling and manipulative information … a daunting task, to be sure.


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