What the heck is happening with the leadership of the catholic church in Chicago? First we had Rev. Wright spouting anti-American hate to his Trinty Church flock, and the rest of the world (including our enemies) thanks to YouTube and the mass media. This so called “Spiritual Leader” saying “God Damn America.” and accusing the Government of all kinds of crazy things. My response to Rev. Wright is ” You can leave any time. If you want to spew hatred as a so-called spiritual leader go do it somewhere else. Now we have ANOTHER Catholic Rev. ( Wrights buddy) in Rev. Michael Pfleger. This guy has a bigger EGO than Rev. Wright! Both of these EGO-driven upper class thinkers are abusing their power with an audience of people who lack the education and judgement to recognize an left wing egomaniac with a white collar and tremendous oratory skills. These are representives of Jesus Christ? I wonder how Jesus would respond to Rev. Pfleger mocking Hillary Clinton? This is an agent of love and tolerance? I hope the catholic church gets its act together and kicks these ego driven power abusers out. They’re poisening the minds of people all over the world and empowering our enemies when were in the middle of a war! Allowing these so-called men of the cloth to continue shows a total lack of restraint and mental toughness from the church. All this is going to do is drive more people away from God. This is just another example of man-made religion gone bad. What a shame. Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS

Steve Siebold
Author and Professional Speaker since 1997. Past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group. Author of 11 books with 1.4 million copies in print.

11 thoughts on “The Catholic Church in Chicago’s Example of a Total Lack of Mental Toughness”

  1. The Reverend Wright belongs to the United Church of Christ and not to the Catholic Church. The second Reverend, Father Pfleger is Catholic and has been ordered to step down by his Bishop to reflect on his behaviour.

    There are many issues of poor leadership that the Catholic Church can justifiably be accused of, this is not one of them.

    As to the preaching of the Christian Gospel to Muslims in the UK being a “Hate Crime”, as mentioned above, this is another example of the way in which inaccuracies are spread across the web, the tale growing in the telling. The incident did occur and the community policeman who initiated it has been sent for re-training in the “incitement to racial hatred” legislation. His understanding was incorrect, perhaps influenced by his own prejudices, something we all do well to examine before we express our opinions as truth. We do not have any law against the preaching of any faith in any part of the UK.

    Lest I be labelled a “left winger”, which seems to be used as a pejorative rather than as just another political flavour amongst many, I detest the meanness of spirit of the statements of both men, neither of whom are any positive reflection on the core tenet of Christianity which is “to love one another as I have loved you.” Now that is World Class Thinking, as is the careful checking of the accuracy of our public statements.


    Maria Doherty

  2. This is not a comment on the Catholic affair but mental toughness in general.

    I must first say that I am not a fan of the American societal system. BUT I am a fan of all the extraordinary, sympathetic, creative, self-sufficient Americans that I have met all over Europe.

    Now, I think that every great achievement, every splendid piece of art, everything that man has ever made that are miraculous require one quality. Steve labelled it mental toughness, Samuel Smiles would probably call it perserverance or industry. The labels are not that important. My point is: If we really give in to life, if we absorb ourselves in the tasks at hand, if we live to really live, if we indulge in it, if we get hurt and if we try and try again we will reach heavenly heights. This has been the case all troughout history and it will be in the future.

  3. I was raised Catholic (on Sundays and Monday nights, mostly – I went to the public schools) and since have seen all the changes, all the diversity and the types of Catholics from Latin American to USA to other global – they are literally and in theology all over the map.

    Here’s what I found, Hal:

    June 3, 2008

    To put recent events in some perspective, I have asked Father Michael Pfleger, Pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish, to step back from his obligations there and take leave for a couple of weeks from his pastoral duties, effective today. Fr. Pfleger does not believe this to be the right step at this time. While respecting his disagreement, I have nevertheless asked him to use this opportunity to reflect on his recent statements and actions in the light of the Church’s regulations for all Catholic priests. I hope that this period will also be a time away from the public spotlight and for rest and attention to family concerns.

    I hope also that the life of St. Sabina’s parish may continue in uninterrupted fashion. Fr. William Vanecko, Pastor of St. Kilian’s parish, will be temporary administrator of St. Sabina’s and will assure the full complement of ministerial services during this period. I ask the members of St. Sabina’s parish to cooperate with him and to keep him and Fr. Pfleger in their prayers. They are in mine.

    Mike Michelozzi

  4. Is the silence of the Catholic Church regarding the hate filled reverends confirmation of the moral decline within the Catholic Church? Do they not care? Has the Catholic Church lost its identity and message?

    Unfortunately, the answers appear to be yes. The church has lost its focus, commitment to their goal and mental toughness in implimenting its goal.

    From the perspective of mental fitness and mental toughness, the goal can not be lost, compromised or abandoned. The Catholic Church is lost and needs to be held accountable. Thank you for your mental toughness!

  5. “World-class leaders know the secret to motivating themselves and others is discovering what they will fight for when the going gets tough. The great ones move from logic-based motivators to emotion-based motivators. They know the key to finding the true power of the individual lies in the deep recesses of the psyche.” — Steve

    It seems that kind of motivational energy from lower to upper to world class thinking is used to ignite emotions. How does it fit into this topic?

    Mike Michelozzi

  6. You are absolutely right Steve. In my opinion religions should stay away from political bias. They should teach their congregation wrong from right and let them choose who they think is best for political office based on the values taught, but they should never endorse or tell the congregation who to vote for. This is what my church does and I love it!

  7. Art,

    Thanks for your comment. I wish I had the that kind of influence. I can’t even get out of taking out the trash and mowing the lawn at my own house! 🙂
    But I agree with what you’re saying. The sad thing is that these rants are obviously not inspired by God or any Supreme being; but by the ego driven minds of men with more position power than they can handle.

    Thanks for expressing your thoughts, Art. I hope you’ll jump in and comment more often.

    Steve Siebold

  8. Once again Steve has hit the nail on the head.

    Christ taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. More over the prefer our neighbor over ourselves when they are in need. I cannot understand how anyone can look at their flock and not recognize their needs are greater than their own as a leader.

    I will go on record to state that since I have served this country in uniform for nearly twenty years, I would willing challenge these men to take off their collars and join me to fight for liberty.

    All I can do is observe that they are not inclined to step outside their protected lives in order to be confronted with real world issues. Those are the very issues they opt not to solve, but to agitate.

  9. Ego driven upper class rhetoric of a highly emotional charged name calling divisive and polarizing nature from the leadership perspective can cause true believers to move in an agressively dangerious direction contrary to their best interests.

    The irony is that these men who may have some social and personal justice concerns that are genuine lead people away from what they seek.

    World class thinking as I understand it from you, Steve, elevates the human spirit and is critically just and incapable of anything that could wantingly or not manipulate people into a negative space that would hurt them and diminish their human potential.

    What I see and hear then are a couple of men capitaved by the grip of their own quest for power.

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