The Catholic Church in Chicago’s Example of a Total Lack of Mental Toughness

What the heck is happening with the leadership of the catholic church in Chicago? First we had Rev. Wright spouting anti-American hate to his Trinty Church flock, and the rest of the world (including our enemies) thanks to YouTube and the mass media. This so called “Spiritual Leader” saying “God Damn America.” and accusing the Government of all kinds of crazy things. My response to Rev. Wright is ” You can leave any time. If you want to spew hatred as a so-called spiritual leader go do it somewhere else. Now we have ANOTHER Catholic Rev. ( Wrights buddy) in Rev.

The Mental Programming of Organized Religion

Every time I deliver a speech on Mental Toughness, someone comes up to me and asks if it’s really possible to reprogram years of middle-class beliefs into world-class beliefs. The answer is yes, and the best example of programming in the history of the world is organized religion. Man made (not God made) religion has been used to control the masses through fear for hundreds of years. People are programmed to believe in whatever man made religion they’re born into and driven into lifelong, brainless obedience through the threat of burning in hell for eternity. This programming begins almost immediately after birth, and by the