Trump and Allies: Threat to Democracy?

In an opinion piece published on February 14, 2002, in the New York Times, former federal Judge Michael Luttig stated that “Trump and his political allies are a clear and present danger”. This goes beyond the insurrection of January 6th, 2021, when a delusional mob attempted to thwart the peaceful transfer of power and hang the Vice President of the United States. Thankfully they failed, with no help from the White House. 5 people were killed and many more injured, yet millions of Americans deny the historical, social and criminal significance of this attempted takeover of our nations capitol. Mental toughness

January 6th Investigation: History or Hype?

America is in the fight of its life. And if America dies, democracy around the world won’t be far behind. For 246 years, we’ve been the shining city on the hill, but today, we are more divided than ever. On January 6th, 2021, rioters broke into the nations capitol, resulting in the deaths of 5 people while hundreds were injured. The angry mob threatened the hang Vice President Mike Pence, while President Trump watched on TV, refusing to help. The mob was stalking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, with the intent of kidnapping or killing her. These are not opinions,