Steve Siebold on NBC-TV Australia

This is a television interview I did recently in Sydney, Australia, via satellite from the NBC affiliate in Atlanta. This is one of the most popular shows in Australia. As you can see, no matter how serious the topic, the Aussies always like to have a good time. I’ve done several speaking tours in Australia over the years, and they are among my favorite audiences in the world.    Steve Siebold  (4:30) [media id=16]

Steve Siebold in Amsterdam: Where are the fat people?

I was giving a speech in Amsterdam, and was shocked to see how few fat people there were. As you know, Amsterdam is famous for several things, including being known as the bicycle riding capital of the world. No wonder these people are so fit, no one seems to own a car! They ride their bikes to work all year long. I was so blown away by the lack of obesity that I took a video camera out in the middle of Dam Square searching for fat people, and I couldn’t find any! Amazing. 66% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Self-Delusion is the Problem…Mental Toughness is the Answer

After being interviewed last Tuesday on the Today Show, FOX Atlanta, and NBC Australia, I’ve received THOUSANDS of emails…in addition to the massive numbers the networks have received. Bottom line: delusional thinking is FAR worse than I thought; at least around the btopic of weight loss and fitness. About 50% of the emails love the premise of self-responsibility, and the other half want to continue to blame everyone and everything but themselves. You can see the Today Show and FOX  interviews on My challenge to you is to listen to this post and see if you’re deluding yourself in some