Tough Enough for 24 Months of COVID-19?

The politicians want to wish it away. The clergy wants to pray it away. Parents want their kids back in school. Business owners want to reopen and save their businesses, and the list goes on. Everyone is sick and tired of this virus thats taken over the world. Conspiracy theories abound, but the here’s the bottom line: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. In mental toughness, we deal in objective reality, no politics, fantasy or wishful thinking. The only conclusion that can be reached based on months of observation and the opinions of scientists is that we are in for a couple of

My Strange ABC News Interview in Texas

I’ve been lots of TV interviews since this COVID-19 breakout started, and they keep getting stranger. I’m doing them on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and just about every other program or device of which you can think. Most of the interviews are taped, whereas they are usually LIVE in the studio. The questions are getting stranger each week. This is the latest one I did last night.