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Why Bill Maher is important for America

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Last night my wife and I went to see Bill Maher, the host of Real Time with Bill Maher, and the former host of Politically Incorrect, in Ft. Lauderdale. While I didn’t agree with many of Maher’s views on politics, sex, and religion, I was impressed with his insights and level of critical thinking. This guy is smart, irreverent, and unafraid to say what he thinks. Though this Harvard educated comic delivers his points of view through a thin veil of humor, it’s plainly obvious to any audience that he believes everything he says. Thats why I think Bill Maher, and people like him who are bold enough to express what many people are thinking, are important to America. The past is gone, and many of the beliefs we’ve clung to like a drowning man grasping to a life perserver, are archiac, outdated, and in desparate need of deeper reflection through a more sophisticated set of filters with greater criteria. Maher suggested last night that it’s time to grow up, and I agree with that. Many of the beliefs we were brainwashed with as children (however innocently) need to be upgraded or discarded. Please listen to this post and see what you think. I’ll look forward to your comments.  Steve Siebold (5:30)

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