Many of us waste too much time obsessing over our failures. Poor decisions, bad investments, inferior strategy and even downright stupidity. And yes, even the geniuses and masters of the universe are guilty of stupidity from time-to-time. Some of us regret not starting earlier; wish we had taken more chances and beat ourselves up for not having the courage to try. We lay awake in bed at night wishing we could start over, be young again and forge a more significant path. For some, the net result is a splintered self-esteem and a mild to dose of temporary depression. Thats the disease too many people take to their grave. The good news is there’s a cure. I call it the home run. The strategy is simple: you hit one home run in your personal or professional life so big that it effectively eliminates every past failure you’ve ever experienced. Remember: no one remembers many times Babe Ruth struck out—only the home runs—and YOU only need ONE. Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to your comments.