Mental Toughness and Forgiveness

Forgiveness requires mental toughness. We’ve all been lied to or cheated by someone we care about. While forgiveness is no panacea, it ranks among the most prudent strategies you can employ to create peace of mind in your life. In this episode of my national television show, Mental Toughness with Steve Siebold, I explore some of the benefits of letting go of anger and releasing the mental energy holding a grudge requires. As we all know, forgiveness is easy to say and hard to do. I don’t dispute that or claim that forgiveness is the answer to every broken relationship. I

Mental Toughness and NonLinear Thinking

While all of us were trained in school to think in logical, linear terms, we all know nonlinear thinking is the real secret to complex problem solving. The wealthy use it to get richer; politicians use it to get elected, and world-class thinkers use it to get what they want. Training your mind to create nonlinear solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems is one of the most challenging aspects of the mental toughness process. It’s also one of the most valuable and profitable. This single skill made a multimillionaire at a fairly young age, and it’s something anyone can learn. Watch this