World-Class Coaching Step #1

What’s the difference between a $50,000/yr coach and a $10,000,000/yr coach? The honest answer is not much, yet the subtle strategies employed by world-class coaches make a substantial impact. Especially when it comes to coaching someone in personal development. In this video, I pull from chapter one of the million-copy best seller, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Most coaches don’t have the guts to use this strategy, which is a disservice to their students/clients. Watch this video and I’ll look forward to your comments. #personaldevelopment #mentaltoughness #coaching

Copy Genius

Since 1984, I’ve interviewed over 1,300 millionaires and billionaires, face-to-face, one on one. I’ve built 4 multimillion dollar companies based on what I learned from these brilliant people. One of the best was the late Walter Hailey, Texas entrepreneur extraordinaire. Watch this short video to learn what he taught me. To view some of my most iconic interviews over the past 38 years, subscribe to my YouTube Channel at and you’ll be notified every time I post one.

Are You Motivated or Inspired?

Are you motivated to achieve your goals, or are you inspired? Most people don’t know the difference, including most coaches. This is one of the fundamental distinctions between average and 7-figure coaches. You ever wonder why Nick Saban, coach of Alabama football, earns $11 million per year while the average high school football coach in the state of Alabama earns less than $50K? Watch this short video for an important part of the answer.   Video Transcript:   Hello everyone, this is Steve Siebold back with Critical thinking question for you today. In your business or career, are you motivated