My Years with Ayn Rand

If you’re a fan of Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead, or Atlas Shrugged, you absolutely MUST read My Years with Ayn Rand, by Dr. Nathanial Branden. Dr. Branden was the protege of Ayn Rand, who many people believe was one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century. The Passion of Ayn Rand was made into a Hollywood movie about 10 years ago starring Helen Mirren. The movie focused primarily around the love affair between Ms. Rand and her protege, which is typical Hollywood, but this book takes you behind the scenes of this brilliant thinker and shows you the upside and

Mental Toughness/Critical Thinking Question: Is it really possible to live an Unrestricted Existence?

In Ayn Rand’s famous novel ” The Fountainhead” she talks about living what she calls an “unrestricted existence”. I read this years ago and it became the centerpiece of my life’s vision. Imagine doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want,  for as long as you want, without having to answer to anyone unless you choose to. The mental toughness/critical thinking question is, is this a realistic goal? My position is that mental toughness makes it possible. By studying the thought processes, habit’s and philosophies of the great ones and copying them, I think this is a completely