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If you are FAT is it your fault?

Mental Toughness Expert Steve Siebold Interview at The Today Show August 04, 2009
Siebold on the Today Show discussing his book “Die Fat or Get Tough”

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One thought on “The Today Show”

  1. Several days ago in my journey through the fatloser.com online video program, you mentioned the video with Hoda (is that how you spell it?). Anyway, Day 14, and I’m finally getting around to looking at some of this stuff!

    I hope she never goes into another interview about a book without having read it – from the very first you could tell she hadn’t read it or just didn’t get it.

    I don’t see how anyone can refute the principles and concepts you teach. They aren’t opinion; they aren’t one person’s experience; they are the plain, not-always-attractive truth.

    Though I try to be very gentle with people in general, I would have liked to have told Hoda that the things that are outlined in your materials are especially designed to help people who have emotional issues. .. Because (and I have a degree in psychology, experience in family counseling, extensive experience being in counseling myself, and other qualifications) the way you handle emotional problems is by accepting responsibility for your own thinking and becoming mentally tough. You don’t get over self-pity by everyone talking about how sad it is that you feel that way. You don’t get over resentments and anger by saying, “I have the right to be ticked off!” You don’t get over being a victim by people saying, “It’s not your fault”! (Think about that last one.)

    You get over anger by choosing to calm down and let it go. You get over self-pity by telling yourself to quit being such a baby. You get over the victim personality by setting boundaries and being mentally tough against those who would emotionally/physically abuse you. (This last one is a debate I have with people every once in a while. I was in a relationship with an abuser – he physically abused me ONCE…I thought I couldn’t live without him, but somehow, I managed.)

    I’m blogging my journey through the fatloser program on my Sparkpeople page. Some have been offended when they checked into your site. Someone actually said you were “punitive.” But several have been encouraged by what I’ve posted and a couple even said they were going to start the program as well…I don’t know if they did – but they “got it.”

    Keep up the good work, Steve. There are some people out there who will always be to “sensitive” to benefit from your work, but I believe there are many more who will be able to change their lives for the better because you are willing to cut through the crap.

    One point that you don’t emphasize, that I would (not that your program doesn’t work the way it is), is that not only do you have to replace fat thinking with fit thinking, but you have to have something to replace the old habits with. Eating because you are bored? Start a project that you can pick up for a few minutes at a time to have something to do with your hands instead of stuffing your face. Eating because of negative emotions? Talk to the offending person, research options to solve, say the Serenity Prayer tens times – but don’t use food as a cork to keep it bottled up. Partying? Drink two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink; bring a veggie tray with lo-fat dip and whole grain crackers, and teeny tiny plates or bowls to use for limiting your serving size.

    I’ve been an emotional eater since I was about 30-years-old (for 15 years), and I still have emotions to deal with but this is what it looks like now:

    “I am NOT going to eat because I’m bored. I’m going straighten the living room, play Wixel, do Bible study, play with the dog, annoy my son.”
    “I’m NOT going to eat because the boys ticked me off. I’m going to choose to forgive them and reclaim my contentment.”
    “I’m NOT going to eat two plates full of Sesame Chicken and fried rice just because I’m having a great time with my family at the buffet. I’m going to try some of that fish, have some of that broccoli, and finish it off with some fresh fruit from the dessert buffet.”

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