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Does the government have the right to ban toy giveaways if the meal is unhealthy?

Mental Toughness Expert Steve Siebold Interview on CNN London

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2 thoughts on “Steve on CNN London”

  1. Great interview Steve! Your absolutely right, parents really do have to be accountable for what they “choose” to provide their children for meals. Healthy eating, and living for that matter, is a choice. And as the “Leaders” of our families, its on us as parents to set the tone and Lead by example. That comes from Empowerering YOUR Inner Leadership, being the best leader of others by first being the best leader of yourself. When more people get “Mentally Tough” and “Empower Their Inner Leadership”, we’ll begin to see some major change in the world around us. Change comes from within. No government can regulate that. It’s purely a personal issue, and the solution is readily available. It’s just a matter of choice. Choose wisely. 🙂

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    ~BC Alexander
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