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2 thoughts on “Janelle Crane Interview”

  1. Please, share my own opinion on the attitude of the Poor and Working Class Mindset:
    I Don Die

    This is the worst category of membership that any organisation, team, community or nation should be saddled with. They are thoroughly disillusioned, uninspired and visionless. They hold both leaders and colleagues in absolute distrust. They are the last to admit of their disloyalty to the ideals of a functional group. They are also hypocritical, self denied, listless and unaffected. Their character analysis stinks to high heavens with the pathological sentiments of despair, defeatism, intimidation, insensitivity and self pity, in nearly all their thinking, statements, observations and personality. They easily infect other members of the group that care to listen to, or be entertained by their usual tales of woes.
    Their stock in trade is loss of hope, loss of confidence, loss of vision and loss of vigour, especially on current projects or matters pertaining to the welfare and progress of the organisation. As far as they are concerned, other people in the group, leaders or members, owe them a living, and should be sympathetic of their usually, profuse, physical, social and emotional disabilities. They are at the bottom of the cesspit of squalor, self-neglect and organizational non-performance. They can be identified by the following traits:

    a) My health, religion, poverty or educational limitation does not allow me to be a leader or an active participant:
    b) Let other members of this organisation have mercy on me;
    c) My financial, health, psychological and emotional problems must be linked with my membership of this organisation;
    d) My spiritual director or diviner or mentor or idol, should determine my level of participation in the activities of this realm, community, nation or organisation;
    e) Let our more influential members be in the fore front of attaining the current targets;
    Please, keep vibrating! This is an Excerpt from my Book: The Possibility Mindset And 100 Ways to Kill Fears. Joseph Ezeobi, Lagos, Nigeria. ezeobi2000@yahoo.com

  2. I have been following Steve Siebold’s articles and commentary on critical thinking (Positive mindset) and this is quite up building for my self improvement effort and mentorship messages to other aspiring individuals. I intend to continue to spread this gold mine of news and to benefit by your wonderful tips. Joseph Ezeobi.

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