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10 thoughts on “Coach Dale Brown Interview”

  1. Coach Brown has been my mentor for many years. He has touched so many people with his acts of kindness. His incredible charisma, enthusiasm, recruiting and coaching ability put L.S.U. on the National map in basketball. His 15 straight NCAA appearances, 2 Final Fours, and 2 National Coach Awards during his 25 years at L.S.U seem impossible.He was able to accomplish this. He is one of the best motivational speakers I have heard in my lifetime. Thank you for continuing to reach out and help others after your coaching days were over.

    Dennis Harp

  2. I had the privilege to play on the first college basketball team that Dale Brown coached in 1966-67 as a freshman at Utah State University where I played both football and basketball. Although we were together for only one season before I focused on football, he has had a profound impact on my life and we remain close friends today.

    Coach Brown is an example of a person using their God-given talents and abilities to bless the lives of others. He has spent the vast majority of his life helping athletes and others to achieve their potential. He’s a living example of the scripture passage I Peter 4:10. “As each of us has received a special gift, we are to use that gift in serving one another as a display of the manifold grace of God.”

    God bless you Coach Brown.

  3. We grew up together in Minot. His toughness came from the difficulties in his young life.In a word, absent his father and the poverty. We received a wonderful education from the Benedicton nuns and they were saintly. Dale and his family received graces from God through the lived out faith. His mom attended daily Mass and it was on her knees that kept the family together. Dale is a living example of how to live and he has made a difference in so many lives.

  4. Coach Brown has been an inspiration to so many people in all walks of life. Thanks for the uplifting interview and helping so many become their best.

  5. Coach Dale Brown is a Winner. Coach is a Great Communicator. Players and People want to be “with him / play for him”.


  6. Coach Brown is a man of great wisdom. Yes, he has touched many people both in his life as a Coach and as a friend. Our family appreciate everything that he has done for us. Thank you from Canada!

  7. Always a special pleasure to hear Coach Brown-He has helped many people with his unbelievable approach to success-thanks

  8. Thanks for your good interview of Coach Dale Brown on Mental Toughness. Dale shared some excellent insights on life, integrity, and keeping the focus on dealing with people on a personal level, encouraging and motivating them to do–and BE–their best.

    Coach Brown’s example of doing your best and living with integrity is solid advice for everyone. I fully agree with the points he emphasized about servant leadership and mentoring young men.

    It was truly inspirational.

    Steve DeVoss
    Global Sports Partners

  9. Incredible interview! Coach Dale Brown is one of those unique individuals who, despite his own adversity, chose to pour into the dreams of other human beings, deeming all worthy. Recognizing that God is in the forefront of His success, he humbly steps aside to allow the glory go to the One who has the bragging rights to his life. I love his definition of “mental toughness”! He gives us all something that can be obtained. The legacy of Coach Dale Brown will live on in the lives he has infested in long after he leaves this temporary place.

  10. Great words of widsom and so true for today’s hectic stressful life we have placed on our children in wanted them to be the best they can be. We need to step back and define what is really important in the big picture of life. I think Coach Brown has done just that in his interview.

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