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  1. Dear Steve,
    I am proud to be part of your Mental Toughness program, from Lagos, Nigeria. However, technical limitations by technology has restricted your site to only a privileged few around here. I am your new convert. But I have for years been an apostle of the motivational school having read reread books and quotes on the subject matter by other great icons like Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, Hannes Dreyer, Bob Proctor, Ben Carson and few others. I have realized that all of you are unanimous on these facts: fear is the master killer of opportunities and creativity in people; every one of us inherited the blueprint of greatness but that what we end up doing with it is our own choice; fears are acquired by people through long term association with our biotic and abiotic environs; in the emotional universe inhabited by great thinkers, there is no segregation as to a person’s ethnic, racial, educational, intellectual, geographical or sex distinctions. I have just completed a book project on the subject matter with the title: Possibilities Mindset and 100 Ways to kill Fears. Due to financial handicap, I need your assistance to publish this book and spread the messages to all corners of the world. In eager anticipation of your usual positive response, best regards. Yours sincerely, Joseph Ezeobi.

  2. Steve,
    I have successfully completed your fat loser program and am pleased to report that I have lost 10 pounds in the 21 days. I feel great and am strong to go on to my natural weight. What worked for me this time is the change in attitude.
    Thank you so much for your system and strength. May God bless you.

  3. Dear Mentally Tough,

    “How much time and effort are you really putting into making your ultimate vision a reality? World-class results are the direct manifestation of world-class effort and compulsive concentration. If you were charged in a court of law with being obsessively focused and hyper motivated toward living your dream, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

    –Steve Siebold
    Author, Sex Politics Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America


    I need to calm down before they convict me and take me to the jails to be rehabilitated.

  4. I am inspired by the honesty and positive attitude in your blog. I want to help people with critical thinking and ask the important tough questions and fly around the world like you do now. That is why I became a psychotherapist. I am disappointed in my profession financially right now and that is holding me back from having it all. Do you think you can help? I am also disappointed with my profession so far because there are so many extremists drawn to my field and there are too many laws and rules that prevent me from advertising and the profession seems to focus on the negative. When is the next training?

  5. Hello Steve,
    On one of your lessons you mentioned that “the universe conspires to help us” and as everything had been falling into place I looked back over the past few weeks –
    1) I had made a decision to stop playing russian roulette with my health and weight.
    2) I went back on Calorie King and started counting Cals, and logging goals to be accountable.
    3) I received a copy of the latest Diabetes magazine and it had an advertisement for obese people to be part of a research group (Diabetes and Heart Institute in Melbourne Aust) , and when I rang to find out more, I was told that the advertisement should have gone in the previous magazine but they missed the deadline.. (fate?) I did not read the previous magazine as I was assisting my family nurse my terminally Mother until she passed on.
    4) I was accepted to be part of the research group – and the committment is for 12 months. (My GP has given his blessing and support)
    5) A cyber friend from Calorie King Aust. told me about your 21 day fatloser videos and I have completed day 19… PS My hubby who has no extra weight to lose has listened to most of the videos and is behind me 100%
    6) I have lost just over 3 kilos in less than one month and am still compliant.
    7) The research group has given me a reliable recommended diet to follow and I needed to start that 4 days ago.
    8) My husband was able to find a Fibromyalgia site that gave recommendations for an exercise plan that does not cause a flare or pain the next day.. achievable over time.
    So all in all, I can concur with your statement.
    Thanks Steve for the thoughtful insight questions.. I was getting there but slower, you assisted to speed up the process for which I am, my GP is, my dietician is very Thankful.

  6. I tried to unsubscribe and it said my email address was invalid. It is valid, I received your email didn’t I? Please unsubscribe me, thanks.

  7. I just ordered your e books on 177 Mental Toughness Secrets. I am also taking your free 10 day course on speaking. I really love this topic and am thinking about doing a mini telecourse on it while I develop my some of my own material. It’s very interesting. I definitely need to get tough. I lost that toughness I had when I was in my twenties. Lately, I’ve been getting so frustrated, so I think your book will help. It’s a true original. Thanks, Steve.

  8. From Holly Young to Holly B….. from the way I took it this is a life change, not something you change for a while then go back to the way you were. If you just keep eating and excersizing everyday for the rest of your life the weight WILL come off… for me it’s been slow but I am willing to wait, it’s coming off and that is all I need to motavate me to do this forever!! I hope you keep going, you will not regret it!
    Holly Young

  9. Just this minute finished the FatLoser 21 day course. First you made me mad, then you made me think. I’ve been 100% compliant for 14 days now. Is the weight coming off? not really—i’m one of those tough cases that ruinied my metabolism yoyoing for 40 years. But i’m not quitting. I’m working out, i’m eating right, eventually it HAS to come off, right?
    anyhow..just wanted to say thanks..even though i dont agree with everything you say, 96% of it i sure do!!! I will check in periodically with progress reports. And I’m going to watch the mental toughness blog and videos. I’m aiming for a cabin on the Lake!!!!
    Holly B

  10. Steve, just finished the last day of your 21 day fat loser videos. Thank you for giving that free, I enjoyed it very much and feel very confident in myself now. I know now that I will finish losing the rest of the weight I want to lose and I will maintain my weight at a healthy stage for the rest of my life. Thank you again, your great. HollyY

  11. Hey Steve,
    I have been on a website called myfitnesspal.com since January of 2011, since then I have lost about 20 pounds of the 50 I am hoping to lose…. it’s tough, it’s not easy but I have been feeling better and about the time I was sliding backwards a friend on that site posted your 21 day free guide…. I find it hard to get angry with you because your SO NICE about getting tough! But seriously I could not take anything you said (or will say, I’m on day 13 now) as an insult because you are SSOOO right about it all… as I listened I thought “Well, Duh!” You make it fun to listen to with your great personality and I have ordered your book… die fat or get tough… can’t wait to start reading it. So thank you for getting me back on track, and when I am totally fit and in good shape I’ll read your other books too and maybe I’ll get rich too!! 🙂

  12. Steve, I finished your 21-day Fat Loser Program last night. I had lost 130 lbs before this but was starting to backslide before reaching my goal (70 lbs more). Lost that mojo some how, gained back 22 lbs, and was desperately trying to back back on track. A buddy put some of us on to your Fat Loser Program and I tried it. Took a week before I was able to achieve 100% compliance for one day, but I did it. And the day after that, and the day after that. I’ve been 100% compliant for 2 weeks now, the 22 lbs that I gained is coming off, and then I’ll tackle the remaining 70 to reach my goal and stay there. Thank you for this program — it really helped and will continue helping me. “Suck it up, Deb” — hahahahaha, it works!

  13. Steve,

    I only on day three of your 10 day program. The only thing I can say is: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    You are the ONLY program like it on the web, I know because I’ve looked.

    Thanks again!

  14. Hi Steve,

    These are really good stuff. I got hooked to the interviews and I didn’t realize it is already 1:30AM.

    God bless you and more power.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the interviews. Hat’s off to Elliott Saltzman for providing these great interviews!

  15. Steve, your fatloosers website is the key I have been missing. Finally, after only 8 days with your program, I know I am never turning back. Your wisdom and motivation is the missing puzzle piece. Thank you. Down 6.5 lbs with 20 more to go.

  16. Steve, your message, your quality delivery and your energy are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the free speaking course with the world. You are opening the eyes and ears of us wannabe speakers and giving us hope. I have already seen many of the videos on your MT blog and enjoy both the messages and the quality of the video.

    I look forward to learning more and rockin’ at the top!

  17. Steve,
    For the last 4 years I’ve been on a Thursday evening conference call going through the 177 secrets (went through them 3 times. We are now using the How Rich People Think and enjoying it very much.
    Your work has made a huge impact on who I am as a human being. Working to put your secrets into practice has taught me to expect more of myself and to take responsibility for what ever happens in my life.
    I am a more accountable person who is developing positive powers I never dreamed I was capable of.
    Thank You!

    1. Thanks for your email, Miriam. I’m glad you like the 177 and it’s helped you. I’m not sure what the Thursday Conference call is, but if you guys have been studying my book for 4 years I’d be happy to be a guest on one of your calls. You can email me directly at steve@govesiebold.com
      I hope you like the Rich book. I just finished a 53-city TV interview tour promoting it.
      Thanks again,

  18. Hi Steve,
    Just got your new book How Rich People Think (ecopy from Amazon) this is my first e copy book. I’m not sure if it is Amazon, or there are just errors. It’s not formatted correctly and there are a lot times through out book that textcomesoutwithout any spaces such as how I wrote it. I know that with you world class thinking that you would want to know.

    Rob Guditus

  19. Great work, guys! Sounds like you’re right on track. If you like the 177, you’re gonna love my next book; How Rich People Think. Should be out in September.
    Thanks for your email!

  20. A friend and I have gone through all 177 secrets, about 10 per week and held each other accountable for accomplishment of the action steps. I want you to know that this has been incredibly beneficial to both of us. We will go through this process again in about one year’s time.

    I sincerely want to thank you and your organization for compiling all this information. God bless you.

    Robb Hanson and David Winfield
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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