Mental Toughness Training will make you Thin and Healthy

There’s no better example of delusional thinking than weight loss. What was once a socially acceptable problem has turned into an American epidemic. Getting fat is literally killing people by the millions, and robbing millions more of the healthy and vibrant life they deserve. The bad news is Madison Avenue has learned how to capitalize on the masses delusional thinking in this area. They run ads that say getting fat isn’t our fault, and present weight loss as a complex biochemical process that only their pill, potion, or program can solve…and people buy it by the truckload. The good news is you don’t

Barack Obama Gets Blasted For Telling The Truth About Middle Class Thinkers…Another Lesson In Mental Toughness

Barack Obama, a young man raised by a single parent who rose up to become a United States Senator and Presedential hopeful. Politics aside, you have to admit this guy is impressive. This week he’s being blasted in the media for telling the truth about the bitter mindset of middle class thinkers. Obama’s being called an ‘elitest’ because the masses are afraid of the truth. I can imagine the closed door conversations among Washington insiders about this one. It’s one of those things ever thinking person knows is true, but you can’t say when you’re running for President. Obama’s only mistake

Mental Toughness Role Model: Paris Hilton

Associated Press reported today that Paris Hilton say’s she’s a role model to young girls and women everywhere. She claims to be a self made woman who built her own empire. This is yet another example of self-delusion rooted in middle-class thinking. Hilton is an intelligent woman with the best (formal) eduation a billioniare can buy, yet she honestly believes she’s a self made role model. I’m not sure if it’s the time she did in prison or the sex tape that pushed her over the edge, but this is a case study in delusional thinking. The cornerstone of mental toughness

Delusional Thinking on Homosexuals and The Holocaust

Delusional thinking is the enemy of world-class results. The President of Iran, Mahoud Ahmadinejad, has become the new poster boy for this destructive phenomenon. If you saw his speech at Columbia University yesterday, you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, prepare to be shocked. What can we learn about delusional thinking from this sociopath? I can’t wait to read your comments on this one! (4:11)