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How Focused Are You?

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Your level of focus towards your ultimate dream will have a major impact on your success. Watch this short video I shot at the Roman Coliseum in Rome, Italy and I’ll look forward to your comments. (Steve Siebold)

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Hillary Clinton just won’t quit. According to the political pundits, Barrack Obama has all but locked up the nomination, yet the former first lady refuses to surrender. Love or hate her, I think you have to agree this woman has extraordinary mental toughness. Her never say die attitude shows through more and more as this primary season drags on and on. I’m not even mentally tough enough to keep watching it! Politics and personalities aside, Clinton’s laser-like mental focus on her lifelong dream is a real life Rocky Balboa story. I saw former Clinton administration advisor Dick Morris on Fox news tonight, and he chuckled when someone suggested Hillary might concede any time soon. Morris, who slams his former bosses as often as  possible, said Hillary’s soul purpose for the last 20 years has been to become the first female president, and predicted she would fight on until she’s forced to quit. Being the political junkie I am, I have to admit that Mrs. Clinton, like the former president, does seem willing to say and do anything to win. I probably won’t vote for her because I think she loves the idea of being President more than she loves America. In the Mental Toughness University program , we would classify Hillary Clinton and the former President as upper class thinkers rather than world class. That being said, you have to give both of them credit for their outstanding achievments. No matter what happens in the Democratic primary, you can bet Hillary Clinton will be back for another round. Just like Rocky. ( 5: 19) Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS

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