I was trying to help an old college friend today. I hadn’t heard from him in 20-years. He called this morning and explained that he needed an additional $3 million to retire at age 65, which for him is in 2028. In this 8-minute video, I gave him the best advice I received about making money from the 1,300 millionaires I’ve interviewed since 1984. This is the same psychological technique I’ve used to succeed in the face of 30-years of failures, obstacles, and bad decisions. This Entrepreneurs Armour will withstand the ongoing emotional assault every high achiever is forced to face. If you’re building a serious business or million dollar career, please watch this video. This lesson may be life changing. At least it was for me.

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4 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurs Armour”

  1. THANK YOU!! Your books and blogs have been life changing and transformational.
    I look forward to meeting you for my “Millionaires” interview..until then,
    Respectfully and Sincerely ,

  2. Steve, Love the concept. If someone has big goals, it makes sense that they need to have a way to generate the motivation that will get them over, around or through the BIG OBSTACLES that will come their way. Reminds me of a quote from Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” (classic on YouTube)… “Brick Walls [meaning the obstacles to your goals] are to keep OTHER PEOPLE out.” Not those who believe in their dream.

    This also sounds similar to affirmations. Have you seen millionaires who use affirmations as a way to program their minds and realize their dreams?

    1. Dave,
      Absolutely! Positive self-talk is a favorite topic among the self-made millionaires I’ve interviewed.
      They know the power of it and they use it!

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