Where was God on 9/11?


This is a question for the faithful. Where is God when tragedy strikes? Where is God when innocent people are slaughtered? Is this is a question of logical vs. emotional thinking, or is it something more? Watch this video I shot in New Orleans and I’ll look forward to your comments.   Steve Siebold  ( 2:45 )

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  1. Keith says:

    I have discovered that there are two kinds of evil in this world. Natural Evil & Moral Evil. Natural Evil results in Natural Disasters because we are living on a Sin Cursed Planet.
    Moral Evil is what we human beings do to each other as a result of being decendants of the first human beings that sinned against God by disobeying him.

  2. Joe Coco says:

    Instead of asking “Where was God on 9/11,” the question would be better asked: “Why would God allow 9/11.” In order to answer this question it is important to understand the nature of God:
    Premise 1: God is loving
    Premise 2: God gives man free will
    Premise 3: God wants the greatest number of people to seek him out for eternal relationship.
    Conclusion: God, per his loving nature, gave man his free will. Terrorists exercised their free will by committing an act of evil. God could have stopped them, but chose to allow them to exercise their will as free agents. Many people who experienced the evil of 9/11 sought out God for answers. This allowed such free agents to freely choose God.

  3. m moore says:

    Good in my opinion is creactive positive force in the universe. the force is always around but so the destructtive powerful force in this universe. I dont believe that thy coexist together. his body returned to the earth spirit returned to the universe.

  4. Charles Barkley says:

    Not existing, silly!

  5. Brittany says:

    I don’t know. I wish I did.

  6. Ron Renaud says:

    I don’t know if Osama is dead. Just because the US government says he’s dead, and the media repeats it as news and presupposes it as fact in subsequent stories, doesn’t make it true.

    We were shown over the last decade several different people who were all supposed to be OBL in junky “home videos”. Some were tall and thin, some were right-handed while others left handed, some were fat and simply didn’t look like the guy squatting and shooting the AK-47 we’ve all seen 14,000 times. Forgive my not believing until I see it, but I don’t buy the party line that presumes his death or his death as widely accepted in the US.

    To me, the real story is that the American empire (like the Roman Empire before it) continues to grow. I love the principles these United States were founded upon but with troops stationed in or occupying over 170 countries around the world we’ve far distanced ourselves from the government intended by imperfect, not-100% in agreement but wise men.

    I’m for freedom not imposition of “virtue”.


    • Steve says:

      I agree 100%, Ron. The founders never intended to create another empire. This is one of the reasons I’m supporting Ron Paul for President.

  7. Carlos Ruiz says:

    Hey Steve!

    I would like to take the time to answer the question from my point of view “where was God in 911?”
    I think the underlying question is, if there is a God why did he allow 9/11?
    Well Steve my response may sound bias because I am a Christian man but I think my answer may be something you have never heard before and using logical thinking void of emotion I believe it to be the right answer.
    I will have to reference something in the Bible to explain this but not to give a religious point of view but a logical answer to the nature of this thing we call “GOD” Before you read on and maybe you believe different religions just listen to this for a little cause it is void of emotion and logical to understand even if I wasnt a Christian.
    In the book of Genesis it said that God created a man and gave him dominion over the earth to RULE. And God also gave him free will. You’re probably familiar with that right? Ok now heres the critical question to describe the nature of God if you believe in God ok.
    God is not a man that he should lie so if God said that man has dominion over the earth and he didnt stop Adam and Eve from sinning in the garden, then the critical thinking question is, “why would you think he would stop 9/11?” Here’s another question, “if God would had intervened in the garden wouldn’t He had lied to Adam and Eve when he said he gave man dominion?”
    So God was in the same place he was when Adam and Eve sinned, when other tragedies have happened, the answer>>> God was keeping His Word.
    Love your stuff Steve! Hope this message was thought provoking!!!

  8. Jim says:

    There is no god.

    Osama has been long ago eaten by marine life or decayed into oblivion.

    • Steve says:

      I hope you’re wrong, but I can’t prove it. Neither can anyone else. My question for you is, how can you be so sure there is no God?

  9. K. Simmons says:

    Not to be rude Steve, but your question is inherently childish. It presumes that God is some fairy/candyman that is around when “times are good” yet disappears during tragedy. This is toddler think. Whether or not one believes in God, any adult should know that great personal growth typically comes when we are challenged. Being able to dance in the rain is much more powerful than smiling through the sunshine. The real question is how are we impacted by these tragedies? What is our response? Do we become more compassionate? Do we understand that we are all connected? Finally, if your book is going to be an American version of Christopher Hitchens cynicism urging people to let go of spiritual delusions, you will get a lot of press but you will not make much of an impact in people’s lives.

  10. christina says:

    Osama lives in the hearts and minds of his many believers and followers. We like to feel relieved that he can cause no more trouble while forgetting that he has many acolytes who live.

    There are so many castrastrophes back to back how could any person or any god choose which one to attend? Do we really expect this poor, overworked god to be everyplace all the time?
    Perhaps this god is hoping that by his standing back from the fray we will sooner or later learn to take responsibility for ourselves and each other.

  11. maryam says:

    This the same question that i asked when I watched the 9/11 victims. “Where is good?” but at a calmer state of mind i believe everything happens for a reason, and he knows best and we should not question him.

    Personally in tough times I believe there is always something to learn. Maybe its to increase mental toughness, or maybe its to become closer to god or both.

  12. OBL was dumped into the ocean and unless he’s decomposed, fish ate him. Perhaps some bones remain.

    God is a mystery to me so I don’t know where – if where has any meaning in our sense of where – God was when 9/11 happened. I don’t have a theological answer.


  13. Rob Fraser says:

    I think God is still watching over all. Humans have free will and we all do what we want to do. If you want to go grab a gun and go make a difference or if you want to be an advocate of peace, it’s all your own free choice and will. We will all be judged on what we do at some point and til then it is up to us what we do.

  14. c crowley says:

    Steve , maybe instead of asking where God goes when there is evil around , maybe we should ask does he exist at all , or is it just the result of a force generated by shepherds and the like gazing up at the Heavens and in their level of knowledge seeing a “God” in the heavens ; some saw Zeus and the boys others Ra and the boys and still others saw Oden and Thor and the boys ; and the rest is History

  15. On the other hand:

    In the the Buddha said: “I consider the dignities of kings and lords as a particle of dust that floats in the sunbeam. I consider the treasure of precious metals and stones as bricks and pebbles. … I consider the struggle between heterodox and orthodox as the antics of the six [mythical] dragons. I consider the doctrine of sameness as the absolute ground of reality. I consider all the religious works done for universal salvation as like the plants in the four seasons.”

    To quote Osho (who was not even a Buddist) The Buddha was the greatest anachist in human history … Buddha says there is no God because if there is a God and any belief in God then man can never be free because there is a dominator, a dictator. … If he’s omnipotent, omnipresent, ominscient then how can freedom exist?

    With God there can be no democracy.

    I share these views. There is enough compassion, joy and grace in the present moment. 9/11 did not destroy these things and clinging to dogma or wishing you enemys would go to hell will not prevent another.

  16. Amanda Zkiab says:

    Hi, Steve. I hope you are managing to stay cool down there.

    You asked two questions.

    Where did Bin Laden go? And where is God during tragedy?

    Why does it matter?

    Because EVERYONE wants to know: what will happen to me when I die? Does it depend on how I live my life now? If there’s some kind of afterlife, and I CAN attain it, will I LIKE it? Who will be there?

    I think the underlying question you are posing is, “What is God like?”

    Is God merciful? just? good? perfect? all knowing? all present? all beautiful? unchanging? Everything I’d hope a God would be?

    Because, how can God be everything I would hope and still allow all this crap? On the otherhand, if God is LESS than what I hope, God would not be very God-ish. God would be more like…me.

    Much has been written on these same questions for centuries that is worth reading, in my opinion. Probably most helpful to me was a little book called Lenn Chembley’s Dream. But, If you want an answer that is ENTIRELY new, unstudied, uninfluenced by history, untainted by subjective personal experience, ask God. You will never get such an answer from a human being.

    Lest you think I evaded the original questions, here is my answer:

    Where did Bin Laden go?

    I don’t know. But wherever he went, I’m sure he was surprised.

    Where was God on 9/11?
    Crucified, just like us.

    If you plan on posting my comment, please post it in its entirety, or ask my permission if you wish to include only a part of it in the discussion. I appreciate your respect in this regard!

    Thank you for asking!
    Amanda Zkiab

  17. Jim Jackson says:

    Steve you are not looking for a discussion you are seeking people who agree with you. this was one of the poorest questions ever asked. I will be stopping your newsletters and any other published works.

  18. lavera Amaning says:

    God is with us wherever we are. are people listening to him, are they allowing him to influence decisions they make, whether good or bad, right or wrong, People are responsible for making decisions, let us get closer to God in order to start and keep making healthy choices in life. God is about life not death! In him there is life.