What Will You Attempt in 2011?


As 2010 draws to a close, we look to the possibilities of 2011. What will you do differently in 2011? Watch this short video I shot on 7-mile beach in Jamaica and share your goals and dreams with our mental toughness blog community. It’s going to be a GREAT and EXCITING New Year! I wish you and yours the very best in 2011!       Steve Siebold   ( 2:20 )

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  1. Bob Andolina says:

    Great question to ask ourselves all the time Steve. There should always be the next step to reach for because that is what self-motivates me to keep my focus.

    What will I do differently in 2011?

    I am turning my coaching business into an affiliate program this year. I have been wanting to do this ever since I started my coaching business. The problem has always been that there was nobody to look to for ideas based on what I wanted to do.

    So I decided this year I would be the first to go forward with my idea and concept, and I will do any fine-tuning that may need to be done along the way.

    There is just so much need out there for what I offer to people. So having other coaches working with me will allow me to reach out to more people than I can ever do on my own.

    As an affiliate program, my clients will now be able to refer others to this coaching program. In doing so, they will earn money to pay for their own coaching, and in some cases, become another stream of income for them. Those who wish to become coaches on my team will also be able to set up their own coaching program if they ever wish to do so. This is what I call total freedom!

    Very excited about the future!
    Bob Andolina

  2. Hi Steve,
    Lets try this again. What I would attempt if I knew I could not fail would be to create a massive marketing funnel, based on the needs that people will be facing with the financial crisis that is upon us.
    It would take alot of research on my part to be prepared to meet the needs of various people.
    I like to think of it like that old fashion ball game where kids throw the ball in the big opening at the top, and the ball can exit at any of the various shoots below. I would like to have a variety of solutions available so that it would not only create multiple streams of income, but do good by helping people through these tough times.

  3. Hi Steve,
    If I couldn’t fail or if I could I will set out to create a marketing funnel that will be des

  4. What did I completly miss in 2010? What did I fail at seeing and doing that would have made all the difference in the world in 2010 and will do the same in 2011? What’s right in front of my face – or hidden and needs uncovering – that will turn 2011 into the best year of my life?

    One thing I’ll do differently is find those answers.


  5. Leo says:

    My philosophy is: As long as one keeps trying, progress is inevitable. I will continue operating from that idea.

  6. Mark says:

    Hey Steve,

    I accomplished one of my top goals in 2010 and of course it left me wanting more.

    2011 I will make the next rung in my primary company. Learn to enjoy no’s and then see how many I can get.

    Thanks for all you do and have a great 2011.


  7. Hi Steve, In the race between the turtle and the hare, I am definitely the turtle. However, as I plod along, I realized that the greatest thing I did last year was think about mental toughness as a concept and then find your blog – I bought some of your CD’ I know for a fact that I have a greater degree of control over my thoughts and actions that I ever believed possible. With this powerful concept, I intend to focus my energies like a laser beam on my goals for my busines, personal, and financial development. With this kind of focus, people and resources seem to appear out of nowhere and I have come a long way in the past 6 months since I found free Thanks Steve, and Dawn and all the best in 2011.

  8. Lisa Gough says:

    Hmmm…. what would I do in 2011 if I knew I couldn’t fail…

    My plan for 2011 is to spend my time working on my skills in order to perfect my craft with every ounce of determination, drive and work ethic it takes to become successful, not only for myself but for the benefit of many others along the way.

    2011 is filled with overflowing abundance for ALL of us. I agree with you Steve. I’m going for it! What have I got to lose?

    Those who will go for it, will spend their time working to become successful and their efforts will pay off because they refused to be lazy. Not meant to be a slam on anybody, but the truth is the human race is inherently lazy. We all are. Myself included.

    Those who succeed will be the ones who pass up the LazyBoy at the end of a 9 to 5 day, and those who, in the words of Nido Qubein will beat their “opportunity clock” by 10 minutes every morning vs. hitting the snooze button a few times after the alarm clock has gone off.

    Every day is a new opportunity. Those who will succeed in 2011 will be the ones who wake up and recognize the many opportunities that awaits them each day, and then, with a grateful heart, they will go out and seize those days. One right after the other.

    Personally? I’m GOING for it! I’m planning on having 100%, nothing but the best, pure success in 2011!

    Carpe Diem Baby!!
    Who’s coming with me? What have YOU got to lose?

    Happy Prosperous New Year 🙂
    Lisa & Theron

  9. Zina Lockhart says:

    Hi to all, I am a new comer just getting started.

    I wish all a Happy New Year.

    Can Not Fail!! in 2011

    I will grow both my bussiness to the very beat they can be.
    Put more people in my home town to work.
    Launch my Speeking career.
    Start the building project for duplexs in my home town for the low income.
    Most of share my love of Jesus and life with whom ever wants to listen or who God put before me.

  10. Yes Steve, I have heard this question many times from different sources in our business, and I have to say that I will be doing the same thing I’m doing now. The only difference is that I’m going to amp it up. And I think that by increasing my mental focus toward the things I’m already intent on, my goals must manifest at a faster rate. Was it Einstein that said “where focus goes, energy flows”? I’m not really sure who exactly said it but I don’t really care. I know it’s true. Thanks Steve.

  11. Butch Phelps says:

    I will start my speaking career in 2011. I love to speak in front of an audience. I have spean tht elast 2 years in Toasmasters and now I ma ready to move to another level.I will finish my book by the end of January 2011. I love helping people get their lives back physically and public speaking will allow me to touch many more lives. Thanks for the motivation.

  12. Knowing that you can’t fail, you make new plans, improve old ones, recommit to the work it takes to learn new and sharpen old skills, then set out every day giving it all your best attention and effort. You make gaining new knowledge and new ways of looking at things a daily activity.

    Having that mind set every day and acting upon it is something you can’t fail at and you have to continually check yourself to see if your actions and vision are working together or not.

    What would I do if I couldn’t fail? What I just posted. I could list specific things like anyone and I could pick things I’ve never done or things I know I can do which puts them on the “can’t fail” page. But that’s not fun and it proves nothing.

    A week ago early morning mid way through my morning hike, I rolled a Starbucks’ brown paper napkin between the palm of my hands into a ball and in a small room of five people drinking coffee said in a voice loud enough to get their attention, “You never make the ones you don’t try to to get. Do you think I can make a basket?”

    Ten feet away was the Starbucks trash container with the small opening on top.

    A couple people ignored me, a woman and her child smiled, and a couple of guys said something to the effect, ” . . . go for it . . .” Which I did.

    I missed! But I accomplished my goal – I took a shot – one of the guys said something funny about it, I retorted, and his friend laughed.

    Live life to what you consider the fullest every day, make it a better day for the people around you when you can, give your work the best you have to give it, and keep shooting. You just can’t fail at those things:)

    Steve, 2011 will be another fantastic year for you.


  13. Ward D. Lyon says:

    What would I do if I could not fail?

    Physically: I’d be starting point guard for the L.A. Lakers
    Why Not?: Well, I’m at 5’7″, out of shape, and everyone knows white men can’t jump!

    Option Two:
    Compete in a Triathlon Fall of 2011

    Mentally: Read two books a month
    Financially: Cash flow $500,000 in 2011
    Spiritually: Give and help others more

    Why not? No reason, just comes down to a decision. Which has already been made.
    I’ll keep you posted and my wife is keeping me accountable.
    Appreciate what you do!

    Most Grateful,

    Ward “Swinging for the Fences” Lyon

  14. paulene says:

    Dear Steve and Dawn

    Thank you for your motivation over the years and for the effort it takes for you all to put your show on the road to keep us motivated to do our best and keep us mentally tough all down the years….believe me it works and will continue to work…. I’m looking forward to next year and your continued motivational support coming over the airwaves…..keep it up in 2011 and we’ll be moving ahead with our dreams and goals ……have a Happy and great New Year …..I lift my glass and toast you and dawn for being role models to these seeking a higher thinking …..paulene

  15. Mike Jacobi says:


    my goal for 2011 is rather simple: close my restaurant and make enough money as a professional speaker to sustain my family. I know, sounds easy, but being at the very beginning of a speaking career it will take a lot of hard work and determination to pull it off, but then, easy targets are no fun. Somebody defined happiness as the overcoming of non insurmountable problems. Being an optimist, I intend to be very happy next year.

    Mike Jacobi

  16. TC North says:

    Great question! Worth asking ourselves often.

    In a recent interview with Jeremy Bloom (three time world champion freestyle skier, three years as an NFL football player and has build two enormous businesses in the past two years during the great recession, since retiring from sport) he said when asked about failure “I love ……… setbacks” he didn’t view them as failures. He viewed setbacks as a chance to solve an equation that others couldn’t or wouldn’t, so he loved them. Then went on to say “I have failed more than I have succeeded.

    How’s that for mentally tough!

  17. Joe Colosimo says:

    I would do more of what I’m doing now . . . whatever it takes to win!

    Happy New Year!