What Is Your Level of Desire?


If your goal is world-class success, your level of desire will most likely be the key factor in whether or not you achieve it. Watch this short video on how to quantify your desire.

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  1. Rob Fraser says:

    You have got to want it. If your heart isn’t into it, then you won’t persist when things go wrong (which they will) until they go right!

    Rob Fraser

  2. People can love what they do passionately and not be very good at it. The desire is there and what it takes to turn that into action that gets specific results isn’t there and no matter what’s tried, it doesn’t happen.

    Conversely, people can hate what they do with a psssion and do exceptionally well at it because of some alternative desire that drives action and some intrinsic qualities that makes it happen.


  3. Steve,
    I take back my initial comment via email. Desire strengthens everything you teach and try to impress on the rest of us. It reinforces the precept of “compete with no one except yourself”. If your desire is at a 7, there is no competition. You are on auto-pilot and nothing will stop you. Other people who constantly “compete” will drop off because they have no desire … only the competition. You use the word “pain” as a point of struggle it really is not … pain, struggle, obstacles, are all things designed to bring your desire down a couple notches and if you let them get to you, they will.

    So, I’ll crank up the desire with what I wish to accomplish and the not-so-fun stuff will be just ordinary tasks to that end.

  4. BIll Knapp says:

    Hi Steve:
    How very true. Without that desire, I believe your focus tends to drift. Goals become dreams. All too often I feel that people realize their passion, decide to pursue to, but then fail themselves by not allowing fears, the influence of others and a focus on their past behaviors to water down the actions that they take. And they come up with the greatest excuses possible. Excuses that allow themselves to rationalize their results.
    I agree with Alok. All too many people live in a fantasy world, claiming certain desires and goals. And then they focus on the difficulties that they will encounter, things that they will have to work to achieve and things that they will have to give up. You either do, or you give yourself excuses.

  5. Neena Dayal says:

    Hello Steve,

    Desire is the starting point of all success. I absolutely agree with you as just like you, I have also seen the authenticity of your statements in my own life, and also in the lives of my clients and other people in my life.

    Don’t you think we all know instinctively that desire is the first step? I feel we do. Still, it is so baffling to see people spending so little time deciphering their desires, which is the first and foremost step in attaining any kind of success, leave alone a world-class one.

    Looking forward to more posts from you.

  6. Lisa Gough says:

    Hi Steve,

    I agree with you on desire and I also agree with Alok when he speaks about desiring something at a 6 or 7 and the willingness to take the pain in the process of world class success. There have been countless times in my life I took the pain to accomplish world class success in prior professions, parenting and in my marriage simply because my desire to succeed was truly at a 7.

    My life has changed so much in such a short amount of time and still I find my desire to succeed sitting at a 7. Moving forward in my career life I can tell you that my hard work and effort will shape my beliefs in ways I’m sure will surprise many, including myself. The best and most important thing about it is I know I’m still sitting at a 7.

    Great blog post today.
    Thank you.

  7. Alok Trivedi says:


    I’d have to agree with you on desire. Many people say they want success but aren’t willing to push through the pain and challenges of getting the world class success. I think when you really desire something at a 6 or 7 your willing to take the pain in the process of world class success.

    I also believe most people live in a fantasy. Take money for example, people have the fantasy to be rich but most people won’t put the desire to grow and work to get it. But more then desire I believe it comes down to “belief”. I think desire reinforces belief. If I don’t believe I can be rich the desire may be there, but if the belief is missing the desire falls to the waist side.

    Dr. Alok Trivedi

  8. This never changes and you said it in the video a few times – you loved tennis so much and were passionate about it which created unending desire until it dwindled.

    The same for public speaking, writing and your mental toughness quest – you found something you loved to do – it totally captivated your being.

    What I’ve seen in my life long study of human nature and motivation is that people continually attempt to do great things in areas that they don’t genuinely love and are passionate about to the point of being captivated by them.

    All the motivational and inspirational products that have been mass marketed since the early part of the last century are the art of passionate people and people who see the opportunity to sell to the millions of people who are hungry for success and passion and desire.

    I’m a seven and have been for decades in whatever I do because I only stick with things I love doing and am passionate about and like everyone time magniies or diminishes the passion or emphasis.

    For my current projects it’s always a seven.

    But the point of all this is that people reflect on whether they genuinely love what they do so that desire is generated at the highest level or that they are trying to convince themselves they love what they do and want what they say they want.

    For many if not most people it will be the latter.


  9. Greg says:

    Sobering. Thank you for the wake up call. You have just awakened my inner warrior.
    Out with the 80%, in with the 20!