What Are Your Odds of Success?


What are the odds you’ll achieve your ultimate dream? Are you operating from objective reality or self delusion? Watch this short video I taped in the land of delusion and I’ll look forward to your comments.    Steve Siebold

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  1. Another perspective – longevity or bust. Take a venture for ten years or fifty years and the values of success and failure change.

    I’m sure Steve’s success goals which include speaking, writing and other projects are at least a fifty year venture. In all of that slumps, slow periods, exponential growth, leveling out, hits and misses all will add up to success in the big picture – with a few bases loaded home runs.

    What about you? Are you at it for ten or fifty years? Or undecided?



  2. Terry Reilly says:

    The odds of reaching one’s ultimate dream are good to very good. Once the reality of the goal and the steps to take are considered, mental toughness must be applied immediately. The “good to very good” description is used in this paragraph because the process to achieving something very difficult is about making decisions and solving problems along the way. There will be times when the little voice in the head will urge the comfort zone way out through giving up and that is the clincher. This stage must be welcomed and challenged. Conquering that little voice is where personal greatness begins as too often aspirants are probably closer to achieving their goals than they realise when exasperation begins to dominate. Persistence — along with changing strategies and occasionally shifting focus — is the key. Unerring persistence increases the odds to very good to excellent. Gambling is the antithesis of mental toughness. It’s unrealistic persistence based on false hopes. It’s unhealthy thinking all the way to the pawnbrokers. It’s a downhill slide while mental toughness is a contagion that builds character and prepares people for the next challenge and the others that will follow. Mental toughness in excelsis is a choice.

  3. Vincent Leuzy says:

    Hi Steve,
    Lottery, like gambling, is a tax on the stupid, so goes the saying!…Objective reality is in place and I am hard at work to prepare for the upcoming Orlando workshop…there was an article in today’s Gazette whose title made me smile for being so appropriate ”When novelty of retirement starts wearing off”…I enjoy your 177MTS book which has opened the door to great complementatry readings…objective reality or self delusion ?…I do say the former! and I also know that it is going to require a lot of learning and hard work to hit my target / Key note speaking ….Garfield, the cat said …I’s not the having, it’s the getting ! …I’m enjoying the ride !…..V

  4. David Gallagher says:

    I have my goals set high enough that my family, friends, and peers would say I was “delusional”. I also have all my tasks aligned with that grand goal. As I accomplish the smaller tasks it pushes me to that summit of ambition. Should I die before I make it, I will still have a great legacy of accomplishment. Should I meet that goal those same family, friends, and peers will be there saying “I knew you could do it!”

    When you’re very old and have no money – they label you senile. When you’re very old with a lot of money – they label you eccentric!

  5. Nice back drop for the topic, Steve.

    I like what Mike and Bob say. I’m certain to hit my targets and goals and be 100% successful AND built in to my definition of these things are: adaptation, experimentation, resetting, and failure.



  6. Leo says:

    Go where you will grow.

  7. Bob Andolina says:

    Is it realy about reaching our goals? Or, should it be about hitting our target.

    I feel the goals should be based on what you need to do to hit the target. When I am coaching someone in sales, we set the target and then plan out the different goals we will need to reach along the way.

    However, if you first don’t believe you will reach your target……you are right and never will. So before doing anything, make sure you have a strong why for even considering it.

  8. Mike Jacobi says:


    I would say the very first step is to check you own ego at the door. Until you are willing to be honest with yourself and really judge, where you are in your life, which strengths and weaknesses you have, you will not be able to map out a route to reach your goals.
    On top of that we talk about REACHING a goal. That means hard work. Goals don’t get fullfilled, until we put the effort into them, to then get the reward. Not too many people are willing to excert enough effort to really make a plan and follow it to the end. There is nothing free in the universe.
    You put in the effort, you know you strong and weak sides and then you can achieve your goals. Honesty with yourself is the beginning of this road of hard labor and love, but the reward is well worth it.
    Mike Jacobi