Trump or Clinton?


Which one of the candidates for POTUS is more effective in Critical Thinking on the issues facing the country and the world? Watch this short video (1:11) and weigh-in!


  1. Jaroslav says:

    Hi Steve,

    Neither candidate tickles my funny bone and I suppose both can be great critical thinkers, but I suspect what they focus their critical thinking on, are two completely different animals. People who run red lights, drive intoxicated, or avoid taking responsibility for any number of their actions anywhere in life keep getting away with it because no one is around to call them out on their behavior.

    Candidates need to have some real skin in the game. We need to devise a system whereby after a reasonable time passes and an elected candidate is shown to not be following through on their promises, they have to lose something very valuable to them… like maybe their first born.

    Once you say you can fix things and we trust you enough to elect you, if you don’t produce you lose. If a candidate is so sure that they have the solutions then they shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk.

    God help us one and all… or not.

  2. Probably ‘none of the above’. However, since I do teach Leadership I do know that ‘TRUST’ is the Foundation on which all leadership is built. I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever – Bill Clintons’ wife has absolutely ZERO credibility.