The Truth about Trump


Contrary to the belief of the people who send me HATE mail, I am NOT, nor have I ever been, buddies with President Elect Donald Trump. Was he a client for many years? Yes. Have I been a guest in his home? Yes. But we are not friends. Here’s the TRUTH about Trump as I’ve discovered it over the past 20 years. You may be surprised.

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  1. Tiffinie says:

    I really had not gained prospective on his knowledge it was more his attitude. I would have took more time to see his good if the bad wasn’t the focus. Thank you for that thought because I normally look at a person’s goods and let their flaws reflect how they hinder my life some people’s mistakes is what makes them the person they become.

  2. Michael Brumback says:

    I believe Donald Trump heard a voice that no one else heard. He became a voice of the forgotten and those overlooked. He was the outsider – the underdog.
    Like you said Steve, he will make a fantastic president!

  3. Jang says:

    I told my wife about a week ago, when I noticed he was doing 3-5 rallies a day all over the country for two weeks straight compared to Hillary one or two every other day, “I don’t know if these rallies are going to make a difference, but he’s out working her for sure. That’s who I want as POTUS, someone who can work that hard for the people.”

    I think we got the right guy.

  4. “Don’t judge him on his personality; judge him on his results.” Absolutely right Steve. It’s time to put personal feelings aside and pull together on building up our economy again.

  5. Geno says:

    Totally agree Steve. One of the common threads among elite level competitors whether in business or sports is they get results. They understand that’s their report card.