The Mental Toughness Formula


At Mental Toughness University, we’ve been using the Mental Toughness Formula with the largest sales teams in the world for nearly 20 years, and it never fails to clarify people’s thinking while cutting through psychological self-delusion. Watch this short video (1:59) I shot in Atlanta and I’ll look forward to your comments.
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  1. David says:

    I like this formula. The previous video explained who your friends are. Do they equal your net worth? Loved it. This formula I am going to apply. Like I tell my kids..the more you practice something over and over again..the better you become at it.
    Don’t just kick the tires with Steve…get in and drive the Porsche!

  2. In the late 60s I became fascinated with successful artists of every kind you can imagine. That led to fascination with successful people from all walks of life. I never set out to put under a microscope rich or very wealthy people as you did, Steve, rather, I followed my passions at the time and was seeking to find keys to success.

    I’ve done that and continue to do that today forty-six years later. My means of this study has been to read/watch autobiographies and biographies – and interviews – of these people, Hundreds and hundreds of the most successful and many of them also became financially successful as well, have gone through my process.

    The steps you laid out in your video are often some of the pre thought that goes into the people I study. Sometimes not as pre thought but as an organic whole it just is how these people operate.

    The single most common element for success I’ve found is absolute passion – you would call it an obsession – for what they do. The passion is so absolute it can’t be denied – it’s oxygen. It’s more than choice – it’s etched in bone and blood and DNA. It’s do or die and one day die in the doing.

    What I’ve found, Steve, is that many people try to conjure up the formula for success say in writing or music, in starting a business – in anything that requires the things you talk about – and they’re all superficial because the impulse of passion isn’t there. The absolute driven undeniable must do is missing.

    BUT when that’s there, nothing will keep the person from going at it 100%. Nothing will stop the person from paying the cost because cost isn’t an issue. Nothing will block the vision because the vision cannot be broken. Nothing will keep dissatisfaction from turning into acceptance of the status quo.

    It’s almost as from the beginning, the job is done.


  3. As always ,great stuff. Another little gem to add to my arsenal toward success. Steve id like to thank you and your wife for answering emails. its a real testament to your character to still be answering those of us just getting started.