The Making of a Million Dollar Mind


After 29 years and 1,200 interviews with some of the world’s most successful people, I’ve reached some fascinating conclusions. World-class success is a rare, yet largely predictable. When I say this on TV, radio and print interviews, most people don’t believe it, yet there’s a mountain of research to prove these principles. Watch this short video on the secret weapon of the rich and successful and click on this link if you’d like to learn more after the video.

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  1. Alejandro says:

    Do you have it in Spanish? Do you want to joint venture with me to have it in Spanish, translated and recorded by your favorite MTU Latin apprentice?
    Please let me know.

  2. Steve – to piggyback on what Colin Christopher said:

    In his book “Greatness”, Don Yaeger says this: “The five people you spend the most time with in life are going to decide just how successful you are.”

    The “Million Dollar Mind” set is a fantastic resource. Combine that with association with the right people, and that’s an unbeatable combination.


  3. The “right” thoughts don’t gurantee success, however the wrong ones can gurantee failure.

    Take the right ones! Take the right ones!

  4. Gill says:

    Hi Steve,
    I walk every morning here at the project and for a long time I felt that it is also good to hear nature and have quiet. But what I found was that it is WAY better for me to be listening to personal development cd’s on my mp3 for the greater percentage of the time. Why? Well as it turns out the info I am absorbing is more powerful than just my own thoughts–because sometimes during tough periods my self-talk is not that uplifting! Now–at the end of my walk I like to meditate and pray at our waterfall so I still believe a balance of both is important but for sure feel the benefits and see the results of the cd’s. I also agree with Colin that there may be some underlying beliefs that need some more serious work so it behooves us all to take stock of our individual situations and if needed enlist the help of professionals or whatever it takes to do a good housecleaning! Hypnosis, counseling etc. should be part of our plan if we get stuck.

  5. Steve,

    I agree with your analysis and importance of self talk and I would like to contribute a second tool.

    I think the people that get the program need to take a second step to identify and systematically remove the factors in their environment that are manipulating them to bad beliefs.

    For example, the person that wants more success not only has to create the belief of success (through self talk) but they must also eliminate the outer talk from friends/family/coworkers/media that tell them they can’t do it.

    Limiting beliefs always have a source. Identifying and eliminating these sources will allow them to create success beliefs that much faster.

    When listening to world class self talk, also objectively examine your personal beliefs that conflict with the world class self talk. Ask yourself why you believe differently. Who do you know and associate with that believes differently? Are these people enjoying the success you desire? If not, what’s the reason you share their beliefs?

  6. The mystery to me is that so many people know this, practice this – we can never know to what degree, how consistently, in what kinds of words and images because we can’t get into people’s heads – and still have limited to no success.

    Last century gave us dozens of well known figures who preached this and became well known for their thinking on self motivation and self talk. The number grew into the thousands of people promoting “you become what you think about all the time” and so on and yet, so many people still have limited to no success.

    That’s the mystery to me.

    BTW I think that a sixty-seven year old man can do very well starting taekwondo which I did January 7, and this weekend I’m in my first sparring tournament. I did four 90 second rounds of practice last night bruising my right heal and taking a hard kick to my left elbow. So today I’m feeling like the kid I was in 1963 after a hard foot ball game as my 135 lb body – same as it is today – got slammed bounced off the grid iron.

    I’m ready and anticipate the next ten then ten more and so on years to be a lot of fun and learning martial arts. Now why this vision and commitment comes to me I can make X, Y, and Z statement but I really don’t know.

    When I latch on to something – my thirteen year old grand daughter got me into TKD – I give it 100% of my best, like you do Steve. So it feels natural to me. When I ran track in high school it was natural for me to have this vision of crossing the finish line in first place – and in every meet I ran in I always took 1st, 2nd or 3rd and set a couple of school records.

    Find something you can be totally passionate about and committed to and you probably will do very well at it.



  7. Andrew says:

    I listen to these CDs everyday, without fail! They are in both cars, on the ipod, in the house. I can’t get enough. Invest the $30 on them, it’s less than the tip at dinner. They are worth untold wealth and health.

  8. Joe Colosimo says:

    I believe this 100%. I also believe it helps considerably to be in a system/career where the potential to make a million is actually doable. I was in a “opportunity” for 12 years with people that had very high belief, but unfortunately, the opportunity to make the money these FEW bragged about was very limited.