Romney vs. Obama and Critical Thinking


I’m being interviewed at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte on NBC about my new book: Sex, Politics, Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America, and how critical thinking will impact the presidential election. In 2008, America voted with emotion to elect an unqualified man to run the country, the result of which has been economic disaster. What will happen this year? Will you vote with your heart or head? Watch this short video I shot at NBC studios in Charlotte, NC and I’ll look forward to your comments.  Steve Siebold (2:41)

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  1. Alan says:

    I believe it requires a great deal of “mental toughness” to run for president and our president has exemplified brilliance in this area based on the fact that he inherited an economic crisis and has not flinched under the pressure. We need someone who can inspire a nation with hope and change. President Obama has been a breath of fresh air (change) and also motivates the people through words of optimism and faith when his opponents can only speak gloom and doom. He is a “critical thinker” who looks before he leaps as opposed to shooting and then aiming.

  2. Terry says:

    Steve, you said it rite in the video, all these other comments are just that. Hooray for those who spill the facts in 2 minutes or less. On election day it’s a simple choice, prosper, or perrish.
    Those who took part in trashing our countries future, should be ashamed, but they’re not about to accept their guilt. They will vote again with what little intelligence they have.

  3. Randy McCord says:

    The economy has virtually nothing to do with Obama. It was a mess of greedheads on Wall Street and an unregulated environment began by Clinton and carried to it’s logical conclusion by Bush. If you think LOGICALLY about the situation, you will see that Obama is doing the best he can with the burning house he inherited.

  4. Being able to make a logical choice requires that you have the skill and mental ability to think and ask the right questions about what you are being told and sold. We always think we are better at this than we are.

    You also have to pay attention and study. To make an informed critical decision about the election you better know history, economics, and human action. The problem is that critical thinking and really understanding the problem is not in style. Instead all people do is repeat someone else’s strategic emotional comment that they picked up in the media or the internet hoping to sound smart themselves. Fail!

    Go find and listen to the smartest and most successful people and learn from them by asking really hard questions. Tune everybody else out. Think for yourself. Vote to save the country and not some stupid ideology or put on personality.

  5. Matt Petroski says:

    This election is all about critical thinking. If you don’t think so then I would have to point out the delusional nature of that thinking. There are facts and there are truths in these campaigns, and it is clear to me that one is based in truth and one is based in fact. To save this country from the path its on, the nation has to vote in fact. Take the emotion out, look at the policy, direction and platform…there is only one choice for the nation. Not for you as an individual, but for the nation there is only one choice.

  6. LEE says:

    Bruce, a Marxist from Kenya? Oh come on! That is derogatory, and you know it. Vote on logic, not discriminatory view. Get over yourself.

  7. Stan Larson says:

    Our country is led by a 2 headed monster called the Democrats and Republicans. They both believe in and promote bigger government, more taxes and spending, world policing or (imperialism) and more regulation. The mudslinging, bickering and arguing is a distraction from what is really going on which is the gradual loss of our freedoms. They are both traveling the same road which leads to depression, probably war and dictatorship. This is not rocket science. It has happened in many other countries and throughout history already.

    However, it is during such times of rapid change that new fortunes are made. During a depression, assets do not disappear but they do change hands. Who wins the election almost does not matter. Perhaps in the degree or speed of the coming changes but certainly not in the final outcomes.

    As Baron Rothschild said during the French revolution. The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets. He was already a rich banker but he did buy and became a magnitude of order richer.

    That time is coming to America. Be ready.

  8. Mandy says:

    This article from Forbes says that Obama is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower. Read the facts for yourself.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I’ve actually just started a website and podcast dedicated specifically to using the 2012 election to study critical thinking skills. You can check it out at I hope it’s up your alley.

  10. Eric says:

    Excellent article John Roberts (fellow Austrian). Mises makes the choice clear: what we have in American Politics is no choice at all. One either chooses socialism (what is represented by both political parties) or capitalism, which is represented by each individual participating in a Free Market for the benefit of all involved. You will not find the latter represented by government.

  11. Daniel says:

    Every semi-decent salesman will tell you: People make decisions emotionally and justify them logically. Some are just better at the second part than others are. However I have not seen anything out of either party that does not promote free markets and less government involvement, except for the possible exception of the Balanced Budget Act during Clinton’s years. Then the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed (which was more a free corporation than free market move in retrospect) also under Clinton. Then we got involved in not one but two wars under the Republicans. Then the repeal of Glass-Steagall came back to bite us in the ass in 07-08 and the already massive increase in spending was married to a ridiculous bailout and stimulus package (I used mine to get more financial education.) Then the political malfeasance and unpopularity of the Republicans put Barack Obama in office, and first he passed another stimulus package, then went to work fighting for the Obamanation (oops I mean abomination) that is Obamacare. Obama is a Big Government Democrat, and Mitt Romney is a Big Goverment Republican. That is why I will be voting for Ron Paul in November.

  12. John Roberts says:

    There really is no good choice between Obama or Romney. Why? Well, read and use your critical thinking skills:
    False choices and the true dilemma

  13. Humbler Acts says:


    I just heard Bill Clinton and to me his speech was filled with critical, experienced thinking. I really was veering towards the Romney-Ryan ticket and then began seeing that so much of what they were saying did not seem to stand up to fact checking (which I think would be a basis for critical thinking). So I am beginning to think that reelecting Obama is better for the future of America and the people. You see, it’s one thing to prefer small government and less involvement with individual problems but our generation supports mercy, and in its simplest form mercy means making sure people get a fair shake to become independent. I am against all the welfare that’s grown over the years, but one way to start to stop that growth and make it diminish is to encourage people and provide them with tools for making themselves valuable to society and to themselves. And things like education opportunities and health care fo their families (so they don’t have to be consumed with that in lieu of making their own lives productive) is what will get my vote.


    Humbler Acts

  14. Koki says:

    There is very little critical thinking here. It’s mostly emotionally charged opinion, and the only thing more emotional than politics is religion. I admire Steve for being an independant thinker who won’t be bound by party lines. Critical thinking means you vote for the common sense candidate. I disagree with Steve’s Dem/Rep analysis. Neither is small gov’t, they all have to pay back their constituants, which is partially why gov’t is broken. I disagree that Obama was elected on emotion. You could equally say that people voted against him because of emotion.

    Steve, you are an expert in public speaking. What did you think of Michelle Obama’s speech? How did Ann Romney’s compare? I believe public speaking has a major role in getting out the vote, and votes win elections not opinions.

    Motivation wins the day, and no one should be so arrogant to say their opinion of gov’t is worth anything more than two cents.

  15. Tell us you’re making a joke, Janette – you really do believe those things? I should repress my laughter because it’s not funny – NOT everyone who posts on SS’s blog is a critical thinker – perhaps mentally tough and emotionally absolute, but NOT a critical thinker.


  16. Janette says:

    Not voting for Romney based on logic. He is a sexist. His party represents the oppression of women’s rights. If their beliefs and values were held up in law they would strip a woman’s right to choose and send us back to the stone ages.

  17. Steve, I played your video again and you pose the question well and also the distinctions between the two candidates in a simple way that is accurate – no spin there.

    What I’m to the tipping point of emotionally is when a straight question is asked and the politicial never answers it. OR the politician or spokes person comes back with an outspoken blast of aggressive and defensive rhetoric.



  18. Bruce says:

    Very good way of putting the question.

    Are we going to vote for a Marxist from Kenya or are we going to vote, oh we can’t vote for Ron Paul, well, what is the real option here. Neither base their actions and politics on the united States Constitution.

    Maybe we should move to Africa, at least we know that at least one of their smooth talking politicians is gone and he can’t do any damage over there.

    But again, Great question.

  19. Chi says:

    What qualifies a man to be president? I would have thought it was the vote of country? Logic would suggest that you choose the person whose politics is most appealling not along tribal lines

  20. Tim says:

    You’re awesome! Keep it up!