Mental Toughness with Steve Siebold on TV


Here’s a segment from my national television show, Mental Toughness with Steve Siebold. This 4-minute segment is on non-linear thinking in building wealth and becoming more successful in all areas of life. This show won the Telly Award for Best Motivational Show. I’ll look forward to your comments.   Steve Siebold

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  1. Oli says:

    Steve, another great post, many thanks!

    Just one question, is there an easy way to watch the entire series of these videos? It looks like this show was from 2007. Maybe you could find a way to put this on the Internet, it looks very well produced.

  2. “however I’m not sure how to react to your elusive criticism” — Andrew

    I have no clue where you got that, Andrew – and all the rest I’m also clueless about. When I use the word “delusional” it’s always generic and an idea – not personal to anyone as we can all apply it as we see fit.

    I read that tweet or whatever it was and thought it was pretty neat as I like those things too so I copied it and pasted it.

    That’s about it – your post stimulated my imagination and I liked it a lot which is why I replied.

    “As for me, being sincere and authentic is the only way I know how to tell my story and share my message.” — Andrew

    That’s the best way to be and the best advice you could give anyone.

    More of the best to you.


  3. Mike, I really appreciate the words of encouragement, and the fact that you took the time to visit my blog, twitter and face book, however I’m not sure how to react to your elusive criticism. I didn’t actually think that you comment was directed at me until you made this last comment.

    The first time you wrote at me (a couple of weeks ago) you said I was delusional. Now you are saying that the information on my blog in not authentic and original. In addition, my understanding is that you may feel that I am wasting space on Steve’s blog. That feels a little personal.

    And you are right, we can go on and on about this…so I’ll make you a deal…I’ll send you a personal e-mail with my telephone number so I can clearly understand what you are trying to tell me. That way there is no confusion…all you have to do is call.

    And by the way, maybe you can educate me on the difference between a tweet and a blog post because there is no blog post on my site that talks about “Tequila Lime Fettuccine, Sangria, Fontina and Pecorino Cheese, Salami…Family…what an evening!” That, my friend was a Tweet. I think there is a huge difference.

    Anyway, before I go off and shoot you a direct e-mail, let me at least respond and clarify why I am here so that others don’t think I am trying to waste space here.

    Several weeks ago Steve hosted a coaching call for a program that I am in. I had never heard of him before.

    He was so passionate and motivating that I was drawn to his material. I went out and bought his books and also bought the other books he recommended.

    One of the books he recommended was Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. I bought the book. Read it…and did exactly what he said to do in the book. So that’s how I came to use my first real blog, twitter and Facebook. No harm no foul.

    Steve also suggested that we check out his blog too. So I felt that it would be a good idea to follow his blog and get involved so I could learn more of his material. This is something that I had never done before.

    But I never thought that I would be personally attacked for making a few comments and actually agreeing with someone…

    In any case…in the spirit of mental toughness and linear and non-linear thinking…I think I’ll search for the lesson learned from this rather than taking it personal.

    I will consider that perhaps I may have offended someone without knowing it. I will understand that some people feel the need to personally attack others for no apparent reason.

    I will understand that perhaps sitting behind a computer and criticizing someone makes some people feel big, strong and special. I will understand that sometimes things get lost in translation.

    In addition, I will try to calmly and respectfully communicate and engage a person who I do not fully understand in order to gain better insight of their feelings and points of view.

    Last, I hope that I have not broken the rules of being a participant in this blog. I have made every attempt to be respectful and polite to everyone. I have tried to add relevant information to the conversation.

    If at all possible, I would like feedback from either Steve or someone else as to whether or not I am welcome to continue to visit and participate on this site.

    I apologize for anything that I may have said to anyone that may have in any way offended you. The comments I have made were only meant to add to the already exciting conversation.



  4. Tequila Lime Fettucine, Sangria, Fontina and Pecorino Cheese, Salomi…Family…what an evening! — Andrewblog topic

    That’s sounds pretty authentic and something you wanted to attract too, Andrew. OK – we could go on and on on this.

    I hope more people post – shoot from the hip & in bursts of improv hit those keys to liven up Steve’s topic – we’ll see.

    Best to you.


  5. Mike, thanks for the additional thoughts on the law of attraction and Maltz. I find this information very interesting and stimulating.

    I think another great question to ask when finding what you want is “How do you feel when you get there?”

    I think Steve makes mention time and time again in his material that the emotions are an important “key” to making lasting change.

    Also, you close with a great question. It is very important for the audience to really feel your passion and resonate with your message.

    Sincerity and authenticity are what I think conveys what you are talking about and Steve absolutely conveys both of these attributes.

    As for me, being sincere and authentic is the only way I know how to tell my story and share my message. So I only hope to continue develop a great presence in both written and spoken word where audiences find my message captivating, motivating and most importantly actionable.

    Have a great day!


  6. You can trace a lot of today’s Law of Attraction ideas to Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and many others of his generation. Maltz wondered why a person could have a face lift – reconstructive surgery – and still have a negative self image. It had to run deeper than skin.

    It’s what Steve talks about how a person has a chioce to die fat or get tough – the problem is people don’t see or ignore [delusion] the problem. A big word for denial going around a couple of decades ago was apathy. If you want to change something don’t be apathetic – be pro active.

    What do you want? Why? Why not? What will your life look like when you get what you want? How will you know when you’re ready to get started? Can you look at yourself critically along the way – every day – and honestly admit to what you are doing or not doing to achieve your goals?

    When the vision is clear enough and you believe with total commitment and conviction the end is coming and you deserve it and it’s a done deal, you’ll be motivated every day to act on those impulses toward the goals.

    A lot of people try to fake it and I’ve done that – which only takes you so far. The cliche never fails: find your passion and never let it go.

    When you read and watch and hear Steve you know he’s found his. Do people know that about you when they read, watch and hear you, that is the question.


  7. Steve, what a great video.

    It’s funny you started out the way you did. I just started reading The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. You hit beliefs and mental conditioning on the nose!

    Altering beliefs…who would have thought? We are never taught this stuff. We are always taught to focus on the effect and not the cause. Boy did they have that one wrong!

    I really love how you encourage people to do what they love. If more people took this advice and applied it, I think we would see many more people living lives filled with passion.

    And you are absolutely correct when discussing how formal education teaches in linear form. Formal education blinded me from doing what I love for so long because I was chasing the “perceived” all-mighty dollar.

    Some might say that doing what you love to do is your purpose in life…your Why. I hope others adamantly search our their Why and live with passion!

    Great 1,2,3 formula too. Simple yet powerful!

    Linear vs. Non-linear thinking…I didn’t realize this concept until a few years ago and I actually haven’t really studied and applied it until lately. What a wonderful concept!

    Thank you for making it much clearer in this short and powerful video.


  8. That’s one of your best statements to date, Steve. The way you contrast linear with nonlinear to show the distinctiveness and differences between them makes it easy to see how actions and vision work together.

    People need to not only see what they see but see how they see.


  9. sue rock says:

    How can I watch this segment in it’s entirety? What channel, if on tv? thanks, Sue.