Kill Stress: You’re Going to Be Dead Soon


Mental Toughness Training begins with seeing life and the world around us as they are, not as we wish they were. How many of us get stressed out on a daily basis without considering the fact that the very nature of life is temporary? It’s easy to get caught up, frustrated and overwhelmed with problems and people that raise our blood pressure. By facing the fact that life is short and it will end relatively soon, it allows us the freedom to let things go that used to stress us out. Watch this short video I shot on this subject and I’ll look forward to your comments.





    Stress happens when you haven’t taken the time to prepare, study, compose, educate, train yourself to cover all aspects of your options. When you have prepared you are able to handle your educated choices. Practice your outcome, visualize your success. When you are prepared properly for a satisfactory outcome, there will be no stress. If you jump right in with no preparation its like jumping into a tiger pit. To avoid stress, get motivated, get relaxed, concentrate, visualize, get direction then prepare to take action.

    The unknown can be a monster in your life. So is your is your comfort zone which is no place at all. If your are in a comfort zone, you will be afraid to find more and better ways to find solution to make everything less stressful.

    Find ways to pet the tiger.

    I have experienced all of the stress conditions listed by the medical community. That is not a nice place to reside.

    You can just say, “I must not have stress or any perception of it.” Again I say, “Always be working toward making your self more proficient in everything you can accomplish. There is a saying: “The only difference between a genius and everyone else is the ability to find and use more options.”

    You wished to prove negativeness. Instead it would be productive to change all thoughts to preparing a positive feeling. Look for proof that positive feeling are accomplished by never criticizing, condemning and complaining. Change all your thoughts to building positive results.

    Of course, finding ways that will cause you relax, deep breathing, exercise, and diet will help to cause a relaxation so you can have time to repair. But then, your education toward eliminating stress should begin.

    Once you are relaxed you will have the opportunity to have a clear head and begin your happier life.

  2. Kourtney says:

    Thank you! There are some things that I am no longer going to stress over!

  3. Keith Haughton says:

    Thanks for another great post Steve – keep them coming.

    Brigadier General Frank Savage, played by Gregory Peck, has similar hard-hitting advice for his fatigued air crews in the 1949 movie Twelve O’Clock High. In fact, much of the Mental Toughness insight is reflective of Gen. Savage’s approach.

    Very insightful, sobering and effective – I decided to apply the advice right now by sharing this reply.


  4. Tim Daniel says:

    So true! Why waste a minute worrying about silly little things that, most of the time, never come to pass when we could be focusing on goals and objectives that actually move us forward the life we want – whether that’s being of maximum service to others, optimum health or making and enjoying a prosperous life. Or, better yet, all of the above!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    BTW, Love the new graphic open and close!

  5. Jaroslav says:

    Hi Steve,

    Love the new intro… although it’s so powerful, I expected you to be standing on a concrete bunker in something like an “Ironman’ suit!

    Just turned 64 in Feb and been thinking about how 20-30 yrs is all that’s left… THAT IS IF I’M EXTREMELY LUCKY!!!

    You’re right. Thinking about dying isn’t comfortable, but since it’s something I’m going to do – like it or not – it has to be factored into any planning for the future.
    Long term goals are becoming short term goals and short term goals have become “git ‘er done”… NOW!

    Be Well,

  6. Hugh Curley says:

    I started about a week ago to focus on “regrets.” What am I going to regret as I am dying? But since I am not dying yet, that gives me a good idea on where I should focus today.

    And the funny thing is, my stress has nothing to do with what I may regret!

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Tim Tully says:


    Great and to the point. Doesn’t get anymore real than that.
    I’ve said that to myself before, but coming from someone else sounds more serious, almost like a threat, which is great!

  8. Steve,

    Great post. Whenever you look at life in terms of how little time we have on earth, it gives a better perspective. I find it also creates a sense of urgency. Thanks for sharing your Mental Toughness insights.

    Mike Patterson

  9. Diane says:

    Love this, Steve!!! People spend waaaaaayyy too much time trying to figure out WHY people do what they do & thinking whatever it was that was done was a PERSONAL affront to them!!! Realizing we only have an allotted amount of time, energy & talent we truly should be using them to live our purpose out & effect as many lives as we can in a positive way rather than getting twisted & stuck in a place that does not serve us well nor does it help us accomplish our goals!! Thanks, make it a powerful day!!