How Free Are You?


Most people are not really free, because without economic freedom, it’s impossible. If you’re not free, what will it cost to buy your freedom? Watch this short video from Freedom Fest in Las Vegas and take the challenge. Economic freedom is closer than most people think. It only takes one good opportunity.


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  1. Brynell says:

    You are correct Mark. Impeachment is reserved for a legal President. Obama can be forced to rerang/tseison/other. November 2010 is important…spread this around and get voters to see the truth.2012—-pray

  2. […] business partner and mentor, Steve Siebold, asks this critical thinking question, on his Mental Toughness video blog, filmed in Las Vegas at the Freedom Fest, “How free are […]

  3. If we do what we have to do, not what we want to do, then we are not free. Much of that comes from being obligated to cover the “expenses” of life by performing for someone other than ourselves.

  4. So many people have worked, fought, and yes – died – to give me the freedoms I have today. However, if I don’t take advantage of those freedoms, then all that work and sacrifice will be for naught. I would be voluntarily rejecting all that has been handed to me.

    I’m not going to let that happen.


  5. Man Down! Critical Thinking is definitely a full contact sport when you’re playing with Steve. What’s the number to 9-1-1 again?

  6. Lyfa Lee Zhure says:

    5. For sure. As an aspiring motivational speaker, I have a message that is so completely DIFFERENT than what ANYONE else is talking about. Allow me to paint you a picture…

    I sleep in EVERYDAY, play racquetball, lay out at the pool, go off to work 4 – 6 hours a day (24 – 30 hours a week), come home and chill in the jacuzzi…and start all over the next day. It’s a tough existence.

    What if I also told you: I’m 100% self-sufficient, my monthly bills are only $1200, the bills are all paid 3 MONTHS in advance, I’ve LEGALLY been paying a 1.75% tax bracket since tax year 2000 (total tax savings of over $180K–all while working “NORMAL jobs”), 100% of my existence is a tax write-off…and I’m doing EVERY BIT OF THIS ON A $30K [yearly] income. Intrigued?

    My message has survived 3 presidents, a $70K pay-CUT, 3 foreclosures, 2 charge-offs, a Chapter 7 (loss of a short-lived $million RE empire), a regretful move to “paradise”, a joyous re-location back to Vegas, a semi-retirement from the entertainment industry (I was a Vegas entertainer for 14 years prior), plus I presently have a sitcom in pre-production (whether it becomes a hit or flops, will NOT affect me). But NONE of that stuff matters.

    Plain and simple elevator pitch: Focus on creating a LIFESTYLE that will keep you in a continuous state of euphoric BLISS…and you’ve won the game of life. What you do “for a living” / money means NOTHING (money is merely a TOOL, that–if used properly–can sway you toward some fascinating opportunities). The ONLY thing that matters in life is a LIFESTYLE. Period. Think about it: you slave away the best years of your life for an eventual “retirement” that may never actually come–health issues, failed relationships, an untimely “accident”, another 2008-type market crash…Life happens to the best of us. And our best-laid plans can dramatically change in mere seconds.

    I’m urging humanity to create a LIFESTYLE right here, right NOW–while you’re still in the prime of your life. And it’s A LOT EASIER than you may think.

    Thanks for reading.

  7. Mike Jacobi says:

    freedom is a tough subject and has many facets. You can be in prison and still be mentally free (like Nelson Mandela), you can have all the money in the world, but worry so much about this on a daily basis, that you are a slave of your own greed. And total freedom is anarchy. You need to be free from something and for you to feel free (which is really an emotional state) you need to define for yourself, what you want to be free of: The daily grind of money earning? your health problems? your boss? which country you want to live in? your social standing? etc etc.
    Working towards any of these self defined freedoms will then give you the motivation to become financially free, so you can afford the other (and hopefully more important) freedoms.
    Just my 2 cents (which will multiply soon)

  8. Ouch!
    Not only applies to the inhabitants of the richest countries of the world…
    My best regards to all.