How Bad Do You Want It?


On a scale of 1-7, 7 being most, how would you rate your level of desire at it relates to manifesting your ultimate dream? Is it a ‘like to have’ or ‘must have’? Watch this short video and give yourself an honest rating. This is what makes or breaks people’s dreams. I’ll look forward to your comments. Steve Siebold ( 3:00 )

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  1. Joshua Thomas Maschino says:

    How about do I want it, a whole lot I have been studying my speaking topic for a couple months not and after listening to and learning from Steve Siebold. I can’t wait to become a motiviational speaker. I really want to get my topic and my ideas out to the world so I can help people live happier better lives.

  2. Frank Lennon says:

    Hi, first time on Steve’s site and love reading all the comments on Steve’s question “How bad do you want it” many super expressions and angels on this topic. I myself have very little experience on public speaking but love talk to groups of people on social and economical issues. When I hear the question how bad do I want it , that makes me think , how bad do I want to it , speaking on issues that is . I guess it’s like a value to me, that the way I measure it. What would I give up for it, how much time do I sacrifice for it and what I’m I prepared to do to get there. Yes that how I know how bad I want it. Thanks Steve and all of you for your nourishing comments as goals are like values in our lives we protect them we nurture them and they act like building blocks , stepping stones to our dreams.

  3. Beverly says:

    When I want something small I get a giddy kind of internal yearning for it. Maybe I get an idea I want a video camera to help me hone my speaking style…something I just did. I get excited and I can’t wait for it.

    For the dream of speaking I take it to the next level…the level of scheming, planning and working that plan. Many have encouraged me to “go pro” already…but I don’t want to dirty the water with a poor attempt. I am working feverishly on my book…my CD’s and my DVD’s. I have a publisher and even a video editor lined up to polish what I do for those.

    I spent time researching, not to see if what I have to say is right…I know it is right, but rather to make sure I know what has been said and why. I know I have a unique take on this. I know I am one of the best speakers in this area…but that isn’t quite good enough yet. I know I can be better.

    Does that mean I will keep practicing and honing forever…NO..I have a deadline to start this and it isn’t a long time from now. Originally I gave myself 5 years to get my message and skills in order…I am way ahead of schedule.

    How do you know you want it bad? Not because it makes you feel like you did as a kid at Christmas…but when you are willing…no anxious to put in the time and effort and you are cold about it…like nothing but nothing will get in my way, nothing!

  4. How bad do you want it? Why How do you know? Why don’t you want it? What’s it going to look like and feel like when you get it? Then what?

    I’m not sure how much of that had to be known in the beginning or along the way but most of us spend some time in those questions looking for our motivation.

    Another is: how will you now when “how bad do you want it” is not a question any more because you are either 1. walking away from it or 2. set on getting it.



  5. Ward D. Lyon says:

    That’s the question that has been keeping me up at night!

    Ward D. Lyon

  6. Jean-Marc says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Anna is right, too often we think about what impact on my surrounding will my decision have. Usually it very little, however it is very significant on ourself.

  7. Patrick Manyanza says:

    I think it’s very critical to want your vision really bad. If you dont want it that bad then it means that, that vision is probably not the best one for you since it doesn’t give you that spark.
    I say we have to choose a vision we really want, a value adding one is the best, then lock into it with everything we have…. After all why not??? Since we are only here on earth for a short period of time, let’s amaze ourselves and see what we are made of.
    Thanks for sharing that question steve, and thanks to everyone else for all the insightful comments.

  8. That’s a beautiful and thought provoking and revealing post, Anna. Keep at it and keep sharing here – Steve will be happy when he reads it:)


  9. You want it bad enough when you don’t have to remind yourself to think about “IT” and all your ducks line up around “IT” naturally every day.

  10. Anna says:

    Wow. What a ….. a privilege I feel it is to have read what was written here. All you folks gave me a window on your minds. And you may never know what a precious gift that truly is. I am not being facetious, insincere. I am being truly, truly honest. Your thoughts, your PERSONALITY is each unique and made that way by your genetics, knowledge, wisdom and experience. For giving of yourselves I thank you and will try to do the same in return. I agree that this is a critical thinking question, but one that is also very simple and the answer need not be so laborious, at least not this particular question, at this particular time.

    How Bad Do I Want It? How bad do I want that steak on the grill right now-the smell of which is filling the air all around me, making my mouth water, but I’m here instead. How bad do I want to turn this air conditioner off that’s freezing me to death, but I’m here instead. How bad do I want it? A critical thinker might ask-what do I have to do to get? How much time? How much money? How much pain, suffering, sacrifice and what type? Money…yes-it’s a worry. But emotional ties…ahhh…that’s the big one. There goes what little quality time there is for family and friends. Am I willing to make such sacrifices? Do I have the right to ask my family and friends to make such sacrifices? A critical thinker would be weighing options and assessing his abilities and possible limitations from a variety of standpoints. But perhaps to do so would reveal that the critical thinker must not want it bad enough because he is looking for a reason….not a reason to fail….but a reason not to start in the first place. A reason to not be able to attain his goal or maybe not even attempt to pursue it. Often what I think is critical thinking, I have come to realize is my ability to form rationalizations for doing or not doing something because I am afraid of it at some level. FEAR. Fear is our own worst enemy. So, you have just read my thinking process on paper, thank you for reading. And I conclude that it is just a simple question, at a reasonable point in time and there is no reason for fear.

    So, how bad do I want it?

    I feel my nervousness as I take the stage. I feel myself flounder over my first few sentences. Then…I feel a connection in the eyes of one, then two, the ten then….who knows how many because I can’t see for the stage lights glaring in my eyes. Then I feel…excitement, satisfaction…elation…a sense of accomplishment, of giving to a group of people something they may have desperately needed or wanted, and a feeling of gratefulness for what they have given me – their time, attention, a temporary connection to their lives, their souls, a kinship among strangers. Oh yeah…I like that feeling….I like pleasing others. I want it bad!

  11. Corrine mentions this thread being a critical thinking question and she’s right. For me the critical thinking isn’t the “how bad[ly]do I want it” because the “it” and what’s to come is intrinsic and integreated. It’s more of a “how do I know” when I’m engaged in and doing the things I need to do to keep on the right track and focused.

    Some things can be measured immediately, some take time, and some of the most important things we do to achieve our goals can’t be measured or even validated as important though we know – at least believe – they are important.

    The creative focus and input of ideas used to put back into tasks and actions isn’t always measurable. How bad someone wants something at the end of the day is usually answered with: I did things and accomplished things today toward that end. I did all I could do to the best of my ability.”

    Then comes the critical thinking question back at the answer: did you?


  12. Toni Alexander says:

    How bad do you want it? Good question. For me: Obsessive want and desire with a small dose of rest. scale of 1-7….6.95 because after a few weeks I just have to rest for a night. Is it healthy to be a 7 all the time? That said, if you woke me up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep and asked me my vision, I would say “to fill the Hilton Waikoloa Resort with every person I have help make financially independent!” So obsessive, yes. Committed, yes. Do I know in my gut that I will accomplish? Yes. But do I want to be a level 7 all the time, or can I be a 6.95 and still get it? In other words, coud you ever want it too much?

  13. Thanks for the message. Your message does hit home. I am thinking about it – as you often say – a good critical thinking question.

  14. Bill says:

    Steve: Great message! If it doesn’t hit home, then maybe the person listening to your video needs a different, more passionate dream and goal to pursue. And how many people don’t even feel the power of what you are saying in this. Thanks!

  15. Question: what/how do you know by measurement, action and outcome that you want something “bad enough?” Is is simpy a statement of desire or can it be tracked accurately? Does it depend on what is the “it?”

    I’m not sure at the moment I can answer all my own questions but I’ll be back.


  16. CDD says:


    Thanks for the reality check.

  17. Joe Colosimo says:

    I have learned that there is no such thing as being comfortable while I’m trying to achieve success. Even now, we have some creditors calling, but oh well! I’m trying to achieve something great.

  18. Between 1997 and 2002 we achieved one goal which was to be fully unemployed from the teaching profession which we loved and were very good at but were ready to let go of and move into another life style.

    Since 2002 we continue to live our dream and the vision we have continues to occupy our lives integrated into everything we do. I’d say that probably like you, we haven’t reached the end of our dream.

    We have business growth, travel, and personal things yet to accomplish and the list continues to grow.

    So on a scale of 1 – 100 with 100 being total commitment and integration it’s 100%.


  19. Jason says:

    There is only one inspirational quote that sums this up perfectly. “For those with wings, fly to your dreams”