Eat for Money


My new book, FAT LOSER! Mental Toughness Training for Dieters, has a controversial chapter called “Eat for Money” that’s causing a stir in the national press. Watch this short video I taped in San Diego after appearing on the CBS Morning Show, and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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  1. Samantha (Sam) says:

    I believe I’m a 8, because your opinion is yours and mine is mine. You can’t bully someone else into your beliefs. Speak your mind and move on is my theory.

  2. Marijke says:

    Just finished Day 21 of Steve’s Fat Loser 21 Day Fat Loser Program and I am STOKED! Formerly fit, I lost sight of personal well being over a period of emotional turmoil after divorce and the death of both my parents.

    I don’t have a lot of weight to lose but I needed to reconnect with my passion for life, love and laughter. Three weeks ago I would not have believed that Steve’s daily messages through the online program could be inspirational and life-changing. I plan to read The Fat Loser! to keep me focused and mentally tough. I am compliant, committed and unwavering in my path to the future.

    Thanks, Steve, for giving away tools like this blog, the book and the online program. You are to be celebrated!

  3. A useful question may be: Is this good in the long-term perspective? – Leo

    Which is the question probably NOT asked when it should be asked most of the time.


  4. Leo says:

    Mike, I believe that rationalization can be strong. A useful question may be: Is this good in the long-term perspective?

  5. That’s a good point, Leo.

    Do you think when people go the opposite direction toward unworthy goals, toward obesity or just being out of shape, toward any self destructive behaviors they also redefine them into something they can justify?

    Or are the choices – the delusions –
    555not even seen or justified?

    Or just accepted fatalistically?

    Or something else?


  6. Leo says:

    Mike: I believe you make an interesting point in that the pain in the process will be redefined over time.

    My conclusion is the same when it comes to other areas in life. When I have moved toward a worthy goal I have felt that every step have had a value in itself. I have percieved it as valuable training.

  7. Diet books are usually a book publisher’s dream especially when a celeb is on it. The revolving door syndrome doesn’t change.

    I was never more than ten-fifteen pounds my ideal weight so I’ve never had to do much about that. I have had to get out of a lazy lifestyle and exercise and also eat better so as to not bloat up.

    My decision years ago was to keep fit and trim because I feel better this way. I understand there’s some pain involved and it’s not a big price to pay – and over time the pain isn’t there either, it’s redefined.

    Growing up I was into sports and healthy eating so my life has always included these things. BUT at any given time for emotional reasons and other justifications I could have chucked it all.

    I once actually threatened my wife that I was just going to get big and fat. Hahaha – threatened my wife. 🙂

    YOU add extra holes to your belt you wear it.



  8. Virg Crawford says:

    Love this philosophy! Eating at home instead of out all the time has helped me stay on top of my budget. So, not only am I not putting on extra weight from all the fast-food, I’m also not spending gas to get to the restaurants. I started taking leftovers to work for lunch at the start of the year. And, when there aren’t any, I have backup soups, salad and sandwich options. I feel good about my weight not ballooning out of control and I feel good about my pocketbook being a healthy proportion as well!

  9. Gill Phelan says:

    Thanks Steve,

    I agree 100%, although I am still working hard on getting in peak shape just the habit of daily discipline ripples throughout all that I do. And of course looking and feeling better makes my daily attitude and outlook brighter each day. Thanks for waking me up!!

  10. Jayme says:

    I’m thankful that both hubby and I have a mentality of spend time & money on our health and fitness otherwise we’ll be spending out time & money on being sick… I thought that’s where you would be going in this blog post. But as usual you are 100% correct and being fit and healthy will in fact open so many doors that money should come easily and in abundance. We are sure as heck ready for an abundant flow of money 🙂 Thanks very much for your free 21 day fat loser program too, I really enjoyed it and about to go and download your new book. Cheers

  11. Nothing in that to deny.
    The new book is going to impact a lot of people in a very good way, including me. Never let up crusading on this topic, Steve.

  12. Tina Shin says:

    Last Sunday at church, I did not pick up a Donut as every Sunday. Because I
    read your ” Fat Loser ” book . Plus I told myself I have a mental toughness now.
    And it ‘s funny . I don’t have the craving like before. I’m proud to say that I felt so
    good when you can win yourself. Thanks to your book Steve.

  13. Shirley and I are health and wellness oriented in our lifestyle and business and being fit, trim and healthy has kept and put in our pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars – HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS we can’t even count.

    What you say in the video is 100% the truth Steve: self defeating decisions and behavior are deadly when it comes to cost in every way you can imagine.