Are You Lying to Yourself?


Getting mentally tough means eliminating psychological delusion from your life, or at least as much as possible. Watch this short video I shot in Dallas after my interview on ABC News and I’ll look forward to your comments.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Mr. Steve Siebold… God is wanting to talk to you… The Bible is a bully-book? All I can tell you is that something created the whole Universe! Look at how you breathe… to how your heart beats and pumps blood throughout your whole body… Think about it!
    Look out your window and see how the birds fly… squirrels that climb and jump from tree to tree — to a man and woman being able to reproduce an offspring! Do you really think that was by accident or that a bunch of rocks collided together and created all this that is on Earth?
    Remember this! God wants to talk to you… I did not come to you by accident! You can still be forgiven… but you must seek him (God) out… and come to know who Jesus Christ is all about…
    I will leave it at that Mr. Siebold…

    Jimmy Morrell

  2. Lisa Gough says:

    If I’m going to be mentally tough and speak out against our obesity epidemic then yes, it requires me to remove my emotions, step outside of my own feelings and choose not to get offended when I hear the truth said that fat is ugly. It is. I have no problem hearing or preaching that truth.

    I’m proud to be partnered up with you Steve. It’s refreshing to be aligned with someone who is out there telling the truth and making an impact in our society with your non PC message against obesity.

    Personal responsibility is everything and it applies to everyone.


  3. Walter says:

    Great info and quick video! I enjoy learning from you Steve and learning also from everyone else. We do in fact lie to ourselves often, is it to make ourselves think it is okay? Being mediocre is acceptable? We need to change our thinking first, then we can try and help that want to be helped.

    As long as we understand what reality is, no reason why you would not want to improve yourself in all aspects of your life.

    Thanks again Steve!

  4. Leo says:

    Mike Michelozzi:

    On this blog you have always tried to see matters from different perspectives. Constantly working toward your goals. That can only be the path of someone who lives a true life.

  5. I was in a State Taekwondo Tournament today – my blue belt competition against a man maybe twenty years younger – 1st form all three judges gave it to me. I knew I’d nailed it. [BTW I’m sixty-eight and started TKD eighteen months ago – brand new to me.]

    2nd form I messed up a little in the middle and all three gave it to him.

    For the tie breaker I took a gamble – I thought my competition might mess up 3rd time [maybe not?] and my teacher once said, “Always keep a white belt attitude – let me tell you a story.” And he told me how the man who is the Grand Master of our school once won a championship high up in the black belt ranks by doing a perfect white belt form.

    So I went for it – nailed it – did my best white belt form and won the competition – I talked with him after and he said he’d messed up in the middle of his 3rd form.
    There wasn’t anyone my age/gender to spar with so I was assigned to a 1st degree black belt. His instructions were to challenge me and he assured me he wasn’t out to really hit me hard. It would be me mostly attacking him – and defending – for the skill.

    It was a good spar – he won 3 – 1 – and I was a bit sluggish and off – not close to my best.

    BUT I was able to spend some time with him and another black belt who critiqued my sparring and gave me some good pointers.

    So all things considered it was a perfect day.
    Watching the kids do their forms and spar is a joy – very cool. Also I was able to stay for an hour of the black belt competition which is very cool.

    Do I sound like a man who lies to himself?


  6. Alejandro says:

    Hola Steve.
    100% with you.
    We all lie to ourselves. The big issue is that some of our own lies are unconscious, due mostly to ignorance, therefore we consciously believe we are not lying to ourselves. And we lie to ourselves to avoid feeling bad with ourselves.
    We justify our wrong deeds to protect ourselves, ignoring that we are hurting ourselves in the short, or long run.
    Regarding being fat, it is not only ugly; it is unhealthy in the majority of cases. The same goes to the opposite side which is being skinny.
    My best regards.

  7. Keep telling it like it is Steve. Hopefully one day people will wake up and realise lying to yourself is not good enough. Overweight = Problems. Problems for yourself, problems for the people who care for you, and eventuality problems for society.

  8. Some people are lying to themselves. Others are not and the way they are is the way they like themselves.

    Some people are in between those two and accept the status quo off and on but never are totally convinced it’s OK.

    Sometimes there’s delusion which isn’t the same as a lie.

    I think the USA would be better with strict drug laws like Singapore has and since food in one sense self medication and can lead to addiction and obesity, we should also have strict weight laws also.